Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amarillo, Tx

Tonight we are in the Overnight RV Park East of Amarillo, Tx. This interchange is famous for the Big Texan restaurant. This has been featured on the Travel channel show of famous truck stops.

When you stop at one of the truck stops along the frontage roads or at several of the camp grounds, within the five mile area, they send out a limousine to pick up folks. They had an old Caddy and now have a newer Lincoln, with Texas Long Horns on the hood. They came thru the campground right after we got here, but we were not set up yet.

But once we had the rig leveled and the hookups connected, we went over for a steak. Now if you can eat the 72 Oz steak and the three big battered shrimp and a baked potato within an hour, your meal is free. And you win a T Shirt that proclaims your feat.

But should you falter in your eating prowess, it will cost you a buck an ounce for your dinner. Thats right $72. But you get a doggie bag, LOL. We ordered the sissy size steaks! I think mine was 10 oz and Loyce had the 6 Oz fillet. I'm still sitting here overstuffed. They offer two sides, and I had the baked potato, and corn. So that is what has me so full.

I forgot to take the camera, but with daylight saving time over, it was dark outside by the time we arrived anyway. The place will seat hundreds, but was fairly empty on a Monday night. The waiter said that they had a good crowd for Halloween, but it had been slow since.

I started the day this morning by going to the Goodyear dealer that is two blocks South of the Murrah memorial in downtown OK City. I was there shortly after they opened at 7AM. The really short version of the story is that there is no warranty on the tire, as it is hard to get Goodyear to stand behind the tires since they are parked in one place for long periods of time.

They claim that you ran the tire under inflated, or that you hit an imaginary object on the road, or any other thing they can think of to say they are not responsible. You are flat out of luck. Period. So $125 later and after waiting until 10 AM for them to go get one from some warehouse, I was back on the road.

When I got back to the campground, I had to jack up the trailer and replace the spare with the new tire, and then remount the spare in the tongue carrier. I suppose I could have taken the trailer to the tire shop, but it was right downtown in the middle of the big buildings, and their lot was quite small for a 50 foot rig so, I took the tire in the back of the truck.

We were on the road before noon and arrived here in Amarillo by 5 PM.

We are going on toward Roswell, New Mexico tomorrow. That is only 220 miles, and should be a more comfortable trip. We'll blog some more from there. Keep your eyes peeled for aliens!

Retired Rod

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  1. Safe travels, Rod. You should check out Palo Duro Canyon while you're at Amarillo, it's only 1/2 hours south even if you don't stay there. It's so beautiful. We were there almost exactly a year ago.


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