Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A new editor for the blog (Live Writer)

This is what I get for reading Chris Gould’s, Geeks on Tour blog page late at night. She had to tell us about a new windows program called Live Writer. Live Writer is a program that writes the HTML code for your blog page. Stores it on your computer and then sends it all at once to the blog page.

At least that is what I think it does! I down loaded it last night, or should I say early in the AM on Tuesday. It is now installed on my computer, and seems to start just fine. But I have no idea how to run it.

So this post is my first attempt. Seems funny to not be connected to Blogger as I type. In order to learn to run something you have to use it. So you folks are my test session. Hope you don’t mind.

DSCN0663I had to insert a picture to see how that works, our street in Mesa Spirit RV Resort. This picture is over exposed, need to look at the camera and see if the settings are bumped up. It used to do better than that, Lol.

The day here was busy, but not too interesting. I had about a two hour conversation with the stock broker this morning, trying to figure out if there is anything left to manage. That wasn’t pleasant duty, but challenges present themselves especially in bad times.

Then in the afternoon, I decided I needed some comfort food. Beef stew! So over to Wal Mart for the fixins. Four pounds of top round steak and the potatoes, carrots and celery. And don’t forget the big onion and the bullion. After cutting that all up, I wasn’t so sure this was a good idea.

Once the meat was browned and the onions were sautéed, it was into the crock pot for the afternoon. It smelled good, but I didn’t partake until after I added the potatoes about 4 PM. Then the taste test was in order, you know, to see if it needed salt. Lol

Tonight, I have been reading the financial statements of my old company that I retired from two and a half years ago. They filed for an extension of time to get them filed with the SEC, and I was curious what that was all about. They have many challenges ahead of them. So for a little while I was back in that old world.

This does not seem too bad, to run this editor. If you go to Chris’ blog on the link above, she has the link to down load it, if you are so inclined.

Retired Rod

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