Saturday, November 1, 2008

On the lookout for the cops/Halloween

I was kind of disappointed with the outcome of yesterday's encounter with the police. And it showed in the blog entry. I was up several times during the night, looking out the front windows of the house, to see if the cops were here with the tow truck.

The garbage folks came at about 7 AM and it is still dark at that time, and they made quite a commotion with their big diesel truck and its back up bell. Beep Beep Beep, and I was sure they were here to get the flat bed trailer with the 8N Ford tractor down in the end of the culdesak.

It was only the garbage folks loading their packer truck, but I was up in a flash to see if the tow truck was hauling the trailer away.

Mid morning, the neighbor who's relative owned the trailer with the tractor stopped by to explain, that they have a death in the family and her cousin stopped by with the trailer and his pickup on his way from somewhere else. He was on his way to Texas with the 8N when he found out and detoured here.

She apologized for getting us into trouble, since she felt that her neighbor across the street from them wouldn't have called the cops, if the tractor wasn't there. We were just caught up in the mix of things, since we were also in violation of the no trailers rule. That was nice of her. She was a really nice lady and was anything but cold hearted. The tractor and its trailer was hauled out by her cousin mid morning.

Even so, our trailer is still up in the driveway, and will only move when we leave tomorrow. And we will have to leave with it, because our 48 hours are up. Oh the joy of living in the suburbs of a town that is overly impressed with itself.

We had a Halloween party here tonight during the beggars hours. The grand kids did their own neighborhoods first, and then they came here for beef burgers and french fries. They ate rapidly, to get back out and trick or treat some more in our neighborhood. They filled their candy bags again. So they got to double dip the neighborhoods so to speak.

They were rushed off home by about 9PM, as they were eating candy with both hands. I think the dads were raiding the haul as well. I have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, that no one likes or wanted but me. I can't eat more than a half a piece at a time, because it upsets the blood sugar. Only the tiniest piece seems sooooo sweet, that I can't eat it anyway.

We are mostly packed and ready to go in the morning, but I'm sure we will have a lot of last moment stuff.

The next blog should be from a campground South of here.

Retired Rod

Update: 11:00AM We're outa here!!!!!

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