Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow and the trip home

We were up and at it before the sun arrived this morning. Hotels seem to wake up and come alive before 7 AM. Once people are making their way up and down the halls, that is the end of me sleeping.

Our check out billing was under our door, and they had honored the $58 price that was quoted the night before, and I made a mental note to use from now on. Or priceline or one of them. This must really be the way folks are doing things now.

We decided that we needed to get on the road back to KC, since the weather folks were calling for snow and freezing rain by mid day. Loyce called the family and apologized that we would need to leave, but we felt we should get on the road.

After buying a few pounds of wrapped hamburger from the local Fairway grocery store, and going to Younkers department store for Loyce, we headed out of town.

We had barely made it to Indianola when it began to rain rapidly. The temperature on the dash showed 34. By Osceola, the rain began to change to snow flakes and the temp was 32. Oh Oh here we go again.

Now as past Iowans, we are used to this drill, and we were driving a AWD SUV, so we pressed on. The visibility was down some, and the snow was melting into rain on the pavement, but the farm fields were quite white. A winter wonder land.

As we drove South of Bethany, Mo, all at once the temperature went up to 36 and the snow went back to rain. All within about a half of a mile. We sped up and headed for home. We did see more flurries, and it had been raining here all morning as well, when we arrived.

Tonight, we were over to Ben's house to do the sitter thing so they could go to a show in the Sprint Center. So we had supper and watched the Oregon Oregon State Civil War game. Oregon won eliminating O State from the Rose Bowl. The kids were fun, but didn't want to go to bed. I never wanted to go to bed when my folks went out either.

As we left to come back home, the windshield of the car was covered with snow. We have not escaped from winter in Southern Kansas City either.

Retired Rod

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