Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mesa Spirit RV Resort Mesa, AZ

We are in Mesa, Az. How we got here is a long story. But not so long as to not be reportable.

When I last blogged we were in Tucson and the Diamond J RV park out in the desert West of Tucson. It is a quaint little park and has some nice areas in the back of the park, that back up to the open desert. Those spots are reserved for special folks that have been there before, and for folks that want to stay the winter, on the monthly rate plan.

But for us folks that are only there for several days, we got to stay out next to the highway on the large bolder rocked area. We didn't understand why you would make your customers miserable when they were clearly checking the place out for winter possibilities. We paid for three nights, but only stayed for two nights. The $25 that we lost was not worth suffering without Wifi, or any public bathing facilities. The laundry only had minimal washers, and we didn't try it.

I would have blogged last night, but try as long as I might, I could not connect to the park Wifi. Even thought it was there and strong, the lady that runs the park, had no idea what a computer would be used for, and didn't know how to fix the system.

I did have a new and positive experience at the park though, I got to meet some folks whose blog I read most every day. JoAnn and Doug spent the summer with Howard and Linda of RV dreams, at a ranch in Southern Colorado. She spotted that we were in Benson when we were there, and invited us to meet them. Subsequently, we both moved to Diamond J.

You couldn't find two nicer folks. And they have Filmore the standard poodle. He is a hoot. He thought I was there, just to meet him and play with him. So yes I did play with him. He kept bringing me his ball and wanted it tossed or hidden or however we could think of to change up the game. JoAnn and Doug have many things in common with us, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to actually meet some folks whose blog I read most all the time. Thank you for the invitation JoAnn and Doug!

Yesterday, we went to Casa Grande, Az., with the little car. We checked out the Palm Creek RV resort. It is built around a 18 hole par three golf course. The place is neat neat. But oh my heavens the price. The Month of February was $1,080 plus taxes. And then that was for the small lots, and there are not too many of these small lots, so a lot that you could get was $53 higher. You could store your rig there for $60 a month, but it was better if you rented a lot and paid for the site even when you were not there.

The kicker was that the town is small with only a few big box like stores and the old part of town was all but closed up and swept away. Since we are not able to play golf anymore, why would we pay for the course with our lot rent? So in the middle of the night, I had an epiphany. We'd go nuts couped up in that little town. So we came here to Mesa today.

I helped a couple find a site to dump their motorhome at Diamond J this morning, and the conversation changed to Casa Grande verses Mesa. I showed them the prices at Palm Creek, and they said that since we didn't play golf, wouldn't we be more entertained in Mesa. And suggested Mesa Spirit.

So we did check out seveal choices here in Mesa when we arrived this afternoon. And just like they said, we liked Mesa Spirit the best. So much so that we rented a lot for the next three months. We will leave the trailer on this lot and also the truck here, when we come back to KC for Thanksgiving thru Christmas. Looks like it will be winter in Phoenix this year. Should be fun!

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