Friday, November 28, 2008

The Thanksgiving Stuffing

Did you ever wonder why we would be giving thanks when we are actively stuffing copious amounts of food down our throats? Thanking the provider for all that sustenance. Perhaps if we were not so ingrained that all food within our sight must be consumed immediately, we wouldn’t need to be so thankful.

But then there are many things to be grateful for beyond food. For me, I am grateful that I have a wonderful family and the ability to enjoy them most any day of my choosing. This cannot be paid for with money, but is earned thru conscious efforts to be kind and considerate. Thanks for being there guys.

Today was one of those days that we all interacted as that family unit. We came together at my oldest son’s house to fry the bird. Yea that’s right fry!

We had a 17 pound turkey, and it was done in one hour flat. Cooked in boiling oil. Chris has a Turkey frying stand and pot. This includes the hanger that goes into the bird and the temperature gages that keep the temperature just right.

He used a blend of peanut oil and vegetable oil that is commercially available heated to 350*. This has to be done outside away from the house incase the oil should flash and make a large fire.

Should this happen when cooking in a garage, the building would be toast rather quickly. We did not have any problems like that today, but we were outside and away from the house just in case.

Since the turkey immediately sears when initially dipped into the oil, none of the juices are lost with the cooking process. The meat is therefore very tender and moist with its natural juice or the injection that you use to enhance the flavor.

Chris used a Cajon seasoning that was not at all overpowering, but added a nice spice to the bird. He had numerous complements from the guests, so that would be the overall test.

Tomorrow we will be driving up to Des Moines to see the family on my wife’s side. They are encamped at her dad’s house, so we will be leaving early to meet them before they leave.

We plan to stay overnight and return on Saturday. I will take this computer along, but may only get minimal time to do a blog. But should I miss, we will be back in KC for Saturday night, as we are doing babysitter duty for the three bandits at Ben’s house that night.

Oh yes we did have stuffing with the turkey today too, but the real thanksgiving stuffing that I was referring to in the title was the reason my belt feels so short tonight.

Retired Rod

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