Saturday, November 29, 2008

Des Moines and the Hotel

We are in Des Moines, Iowa where we lived for 40 years or so. Actually I was born there, but that means I would have to tell you that I am 61 and have lived about 58 or so of those years here.

But we came back this morning to be with Loyce’s family. Her dad and Sister live in Urbandale, and many of the brothers and sisters and their kids were here yesterday and today.

We got to meet the newest member of the clan, Loren Loy. Who is now 5 months old. She was born mid summer, but this is the first that we have been able to see her. Loyce was pumped to hold her and all that a good aunt would do for a new baby.

That was over all too quickly, as they had to get back to the North East part of the state where they live.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with the remaining family, and one by one they went home. That gave us time to spend with Grandpa for the supper hour.

The fun part was the Motel. Our sister in law had recommended this hotel that I am typing from since they stayed here the day before. All inclusive price for them had been $62. A good deal.

But when I came to the desk, the price was $79 and then all the taxes after that. What gives? Explained that my family had just stayed for 59. Had to look up their stay on the computer and Oh!

They had made their reservation with Hotels dot Com and they got that special rate because of it. Your rate will be $79.

I inquired if that was still on tonight, and they said only if it was thru I asked if they had free internet and why yes they did. So I explained that I would go out to the car and get the laptop and make the reservation right before his eyes. But you can’t do that!

Sure I can, hold tight and I’ll go get the computer. He said that I couldn’t do it that way. So I said well then I guess I’ll go check out the hotel across the interchange, and turned to walk out the door.

As I made it about half way to the door, he said he would honor Pam’s (sister in Law) rate. Only when it was completely apparent that I truly did intend to leave, did the good rate come as an offer. Isn’t that about how things work most of the time?

Retired Rod

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