Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bang/ Flop Flop Flop aw Sheeeeeet!

The day went just as planned, we were on the road by 11:00 AM and traveled thru the day. We went 335 miles and ended up in Oklahoma City. We planned to stay here one night, but have had a little difficulty that will require us to stay here until Monday.

Lets just say that the tread came right off the Goodyear tire like it was jello. Loyce was following me in the little Corolla, and quickly passed me get away from the flying debris.

By the time I got stopped, the tire was shredded. I heard it go and slowed down instantly, but allowed the rig to roll out its speed rather than slam on the brakes and loose control. The bad tire was on the passenger side of the trailer, so no laying out on the interstate to get it changed.

I had the rig up on a jack and the tire loosened right away, but the thing that became the problem was the spare. It had plenty of air, as I had checked that before we left home. I couldn't get the hold down bolt out of the bracket the tire is mounted to.

It was corroded from the road salt and grime. Wouldn't budge. It is shaped as a big wing nut that is made to do by hand. If it had had a bolt head on it I could have used a socket and a breaker bar. But a hand tightened wing nut has no wrench that fits it.

I only had spray silicone as a penetrant, and it did little good. I managed to move it slowly with a big crescent wrench. Grabbing one of the wings , and adding the length of the wrench as lever.

It took an hour and a half to get the tire changed. During that time the Oklahoma State Game got over, and we had a traffic jam on the interstate as the people poured back to the OK City area. I thought that the trailer would fall from the jack several times as large trucks passed within inches of the side.

I learned later that they had beaten Iowa State and were quite euphoric about it. I just thought that, heck everyone has beat them this year, so whats the big deal.

We are in the road runner RV park in South OKC. We are not far from downtown, and have learned that all tire dealers are closed on Sunday in these parts. Except for Wal Mart, but they do not carry RV tires.

Since we will be here for at least two days, I'll tell you about the park on the next post.

Retired Rod

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