Monday, November 17, 2008


Sunday, and the nice weather continues. It got hot enough this afternoon, that we turned on the AC for the doggy friend. Since we couldn't leave her in the car when it is closed up and parked she stayed home.

Loyce decided that we needed, as in needed, to go back to the swap meet flea market. She wanted to exchange a T shirt that she bought yesterday. As well she had seen some things that she wanted, but wouldn't tell me what they were. That usually means that I wouldn't approve, so she quietly hides the packages in the trunk. She really likes to shop. That is why we must be in a large city when we camp.

If I go to a country setting, then she has nothing to do. She will kill me when she reads this but it is true.

While she was in the flea market, I went to Wal Mart and had the oil changed in the Corolla. While we have only traveled 1300 miles in the truck, we have put over 2K on the car. Since it is 1300 back to KC, we decided to get a fresh oil change. Better to be on the front end rather than extend the back end of the service life.

We plan to leave here on Tuesday for a really quick trip back to KC. We will leave the truck and trailer on the site we rented for the winter. They have no problem with us doing that, as long as the rent is paid and they know we are not here. This place is less than half full right now, and while many spots are reserved for the after Christmas months, we wonder if it will fill up this winter.

The thing that makes us lucky to have arrived when we did, is that we have a pet site. Only about 20 percent of the park is allowed to have pets. Those sites are totally reserved and taken for this winter. The doggy complicates things a great deal.

I was on the internet tonight researching where we could stay on our way home that would allow pets. We have decided that we will try to get to Tucumcari, NM as a stop over on Tuesday
night. That will make for over 600 miles each day, which is a big day of driving. We will change drivers during each day to break that up. We hope to pull into KC on Wednesday evening.

So with those plans, we will be packing tomorrow and ready to leave at first light on Tuesday.

The blogs will be spotty once we are on the road.

Retired Rod

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