Friday, November 21, 2008

Dentist and the sprinkler man

We raced home to get Loyce to the dentist appointment that she had made last month. She had some extensive work and could only get in on certain days. I cringed when she made the appointment, but that didn't change the need.

So she was up early this morning to go to the dentist. Not your favorite activity to be sure. She came home numb and tired from the experience. She slept most of the afternoon, since she had been up much of the night.

For me, it was the day the irrigation guy was coming. In the fall or early winter, it is necessary to shut off and blow out the watering system. This is accomplished with a jack hammer style construction air compressor.

The fellow showed up mid afternoon, and was driving a F350 diesel truck pulling the construction compressor. He was lost getting here initially, but once he called and got some directions, he remembered that he had been here before, and drove right to us.

It only took about 45 minutes and the water was turned off and the pipes were blown clear of water. It wasn't very warm, only in the 40's and the water coming out of the sprinkler heads was really cold when driven by air. It came out as a fine mist, and was blown by the wind.

We were both somewhat wet when it was all over.

Inside, that required a nap to warm up, once he was gone. Later, I went to Wal Mart to see if they had a certain micro fibre sock, that I like. In Arizona, they had sold out and were not getting any more. But here in Kansas, they still had some. I should have purchased all that they had, but backed away with only four pair more than I had purchased in Az. I get these things in inventory, and then find something I like better before I use up the old stuff. So I refrained from taking all they had.

Tonight, the computer has kept me totally busy. I have a really good high speed connection, and what a pleasure that is after the sloooow RV park systems.

Not nearly the excitement of a 600 mile day on the road, but then I couldn't take too many of those in a row anyway.

Retired Rod

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  1. I don't get the gas price variances either Rod. We are in New Braunfels Texas for a couple of mos. Just here in New Braunfels Diesel varies from as low as $2.54 to $2.89 from one part of town to another.
    Al Viscardi


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