Friday, November 14, 2008

Sewer Slinky and a Sunset

Last night when we were at Wal Mart, I looked at the sewer hose slinky that they carry. It was only 15 feet long and they wanted $27.96. It was wal mart flimsy, and I decided we could do better. So this afternoon we went to Camping World, and they had bunches of these things.

We settled on one that was advertised as 20 feet, but it will open up farther. It was quite a bit more sturdy, and cost $24.95. With the member discount of course. Sham Sham, another profit center for CW.

Hey, its getting dark, and the sunset looks like it is going to be a good one! Most of the time Az sunsets are full of color. The sun is down below the horizon, but has not begun to illuminate the bottom of the clouds yet.

This old guy has seen it all before, a million times. Lol

Oh yea, the sun is beginning to be on the bottom of the clouds.

While the camera makes the brightness be about the same, it is now dark enough that the street lights are beginning to come on.

The camera is really opened up here, as you can tell by the brightness of the street light. The sun looks like fire as it goes out of sight.

You stand there and take it all in, not knowing how to contain yourself from the beauty.

It was in the 80's today, and seemed like summer. We ran the air conditioner in the car, as it was too hot not to.

We went to the Mesa Trader Joe's, and bought a bunch of stuff, sourdough bread and two buck chuck. Low fat crackers and a bag of 50% fat pop corn. Which we promptly got into in the car, after we went to camping world. Damn kids anyway.

Back home, I started in on some of the projects that I had gotten parts for. I had some electrical stuff to add an outlet for 110 V under the fridge. I had purchased this from Home Depot. But then I decided I needed more screws and the project was tabled.

Tonight, we went to Pizza Hut for supper, and had personal pan supreme. Loyce got a big salad to go with hers. So as I write this I'm stuffed like the proverbial goose.

Loyce also went and got a flu shot early in the day. This was a program here at the park. Really convenient, but I didn't need one, since I had one at the Doctor's office before we left.

Not an important day, but man, sitting outside under the awning at 84 degrees is about as nice as it can get.

Retired Rod

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  1. Rod I'd say a man able to take such beautiful sunsets at the end of a great day is very blessed. Love hearing about your escapades. At least the police aren't looking to tow you away in Arizona.


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