Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mesa Spirit RV Resort

Welcome to Mesa Spirit RV Resort. Our oldest son has requested pictures of the park, so after a little bicycle ride, we now have pictures.

The sign out on Main street.

Of course everything is gated, and surrounded with a concrete block wall. You need a car pass to get in, and we forgot ours one night. Had to prove what spot we were on and they took our license plate to verify before we could enter. We made sure not to leave without our pass again.

The main entry drive. These are the newest park models. Many are still for sale, the economy is down.

This is the main office and the large activity center. Has the pools and the auditorium at this location.

Way back in the back, we have our unit in the pet section. Thou shalt not walk thy pet in a non pet section, least the heaven open up and smite thee.

This is one of the main pools behind the office.

The auditorium from about the middle of the dance floor. there is as much room behind me as you can see from the picture.

Pool room

This is a second pool and hot tub area behind the first pool. In the month of February, I am told that both pools will be full of folks.

The computer room has more machines behind me as well.

The library has a librarian and another wall of books behind me.

I took more photos, but it took almost an hour to up load these. Tengo Internet is not too fast and there is no one here yet. I can only imagine how bad it will get in February. Perhaps I will need to break down and get a Verizon card. Remember I am tight and that will cost a bunch of money.

We again hung around the rig today, and washed the outside area. Mostly the driveway and the little car. I set up a ham radio antenna on the satellite dish tripod in the morning and had to spend some time playing with that radio, since I hadn't used it in a while.

We aired the bike tires, and then had to go ride it for a while to see if they were up hard enough.

Then I went and bought a gate card, for the back University Avenue gate. I say bought, but it is a deposit of $25. The card is one with embedded electronic chip in it like an ID card. They then have a record of each time you come and go. Since there are 1500 sites in here, and it is a half mile to the front gate, the card to get out the back will come in handy.

Lets see, we grilled steaks on the gas grill for supper, and then went to Wal Mart for our seemingly daily visit.

We are now discussing if we really want to go back for thanksgiving, since it will be in the 80's tomorrow. Oh and for the rest of the week as well. We might stay a while longer, but will be back for Christmas for sure.

All plans are cast in Jello, of course.

Retired Rod

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