Saturday, November 15, 2008

Electrical Outlet and a Clean Awning

Another outstanding day in Mesa, Az. We reached 84 and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The wind was very light, and I sat under the awning for much of the afternoon.

Well that was after I washed the awning with a scrub brush and vinyl awning cleaner. The stuff is kind of caustic, and I had to wash it off of my skin. It did do a job on the awning however. Got the stuff at wal mart the other night when I wouldn't buy their sewer hose slinky.

This morning I found the necessary screws in the bottom of my tool kit to install the electrical outlet under the refrigerator. So with Loyce out on a walk, I started and finished this task while she was gone. That way she never had to see the mess. I was running the dirt devil vacuum when she got back.

The outlet is closer to the middle of the RV and will allow me to put the electric heater closer to us.

Perhaps that will mean I can turn it down and not have it run as much. The experiment continues. But last night, it was never below 50 degrees outside, so the heater only came on about 15 seconds at a time, and then turned itself off again. More than likely didn't need it at all.

I continue to repair things and get ready to close down the rig so we can leave to go back to KC. The thought of that is making me shiver. Lol. Or maybe cry out loud.

Retired Rod

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