Monday, November 3, 2008

Road Runner RV, Oklahoma City OK

This is what is left of our tire from yesterday's misadventure. As you can see the belts separated and a big chunk is missing. Loyce is still ducking from the flying rubber pieces. I am hoping to take this to the Goodyear store Monday morning for an adjustment. Perhaps my billfold will be adjusted as well. Time will tell on that.

We are situated in the Road Runner RV Park here in Oklahoma City. This is mostly a concrete and grass park near downtown. The most notable problems we have experienced was the position of the sewer hook up. It was completely at the back of the lot and about as far away from the connection on our trailer as possible.

We used 30 feet of hose to connect up but got the job done. This picture looks back at the shower building and the office. We are connected and probably a part of the storage business that is attached on our South lot line.

The place was quite full for Saturday night, but during the morning many folks packed up an left. We had a number of Iowa folks here that must have been here for the game yesterday.

We have the place to ourselves with the long term folks, that live here more permanently. We must leave tomorrow or renew for more nights, if our tire becomes a problem.

We went to the memorial at the Murrah Federal Building today, to see the empty chairs that are on the footprint of the old building. It is a somber experience. We were amazed at the number of people that were at the site thirteen years later. This was a defining event for this area. 186 deaths and over 600 injured.

Part of the original wire fence, that was put up to keep folks out of the damaged site still stands today, and is the collection piont for flowers and personal memorials that are left on the site. They say that there are over 60,000 items that have been collected.

I did not take any pictures of this area as it was quite somber. We were not able to walk around much, due to the problems that I have with Neuropathy.

This web site is the official memorial information and has good 360 views of the area.

We used today as a reorganize day, to put things away in the trailer. Seems as though most things were stacked in the dinette and couch area and needed to be filed in their proper drawers and cabinets. As well, Loyce gave the floor and tables a proper cleaning since we now have water back in the pipes.

Looking at the weather forcast tells us that it will again freeze here later in the week, so we need to move along to the Southwest. We have a heated underbelly so that our pipes do not freeze when we are running the propane heater, but with single pane glass windows, this is not a good rig to stay in during freezing weather.

When we get to Arizona, the nights should remain in the 50's with the days in the early 80's. That will be hard to take, but I think I am up to the task.

Retired Rod

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