Friday, November 7, 2008

Benson, Az

Benson, Arizona is a small community 40 miles East of the large city of Tucson. I was tired of pulling the trailer day after day, and stopped at 200 miles today. It was nice and warm this afternoon, as we set up the rig. And no wind, Yeah!

We think we will go down to Tombstone tomorrow. It is a really touristy thing to do, but we have never been there before, and you know h0w that is, got to go experience it for ourselves. Just to say we have stood in the street next to the OK Corral. We were in Leadville, Colorado this summer, where Doc Holliday ended up after the folks in Tombstone kind of encouraged him to leave. We are following his footsteps so to speak.

I was reading up on the story, on the wikipedia tonight, so I can be a real authority (LOL) when I get there. What ever that might be.

We pulled into another KOA again for tonight, and it is not overly nice. But then it was only $29 and that is cheap by KOA standards. So no wonder it isn't too nice. The bathrooms are quite clean however, and Loyce spent some of the late afternoon doing up the laundry. She thought the laundry was clean as well. I would have heard about that, had it not been clean.

It always makes for more room in the trailer, once we put away all the clean clothes. Gets rid of the dirty laundry bags for a while.

It is supposed to be quite cold here tonight, down below freezing. Yeah I know, it is way colder than that up North, but this is a summer trailer, and the cold radiates in from all sides. To top it off, we ran out of propane in one of our front tanks tonight as well.

The other tank has not been used, and should be full. Famous last words. But we won't mess around, we'll go get the empty one filled tomorrow.

It is supposed to warm up for the weekend here, so it should become quite nice for next week.

We will stay here for two nights and then move on to Tucson.

Retired Rod


  1. Rod,We visited Tombstone two years ago. What fun! If you want to see the "gunfight" make sure you get your tickets early in the morning as it sells out early every day.
    Have fun!
    Al Viscardi

  2. Hi Rod,
    I just happened to click onto your blog from Sandra's & noticed you're in Benson. We too are in Benson at the Saguaro SKP park on Hy 80, probably leaving Sat or Sun.
    We're good friends of Howard & Linda (spent the summer working with them), Jim & Ellie (traveled to Mexico with them, Sandra & Gordon etc.
    We're going to be spending part of today in Tucson & I know you're going to Tombstone, but we'd love to meet you if our schedules work together. We're in site 311 at Saguaro Skp & our phone is 850-832-6761. JoAnn & JoAnn Dubrouillet
    Our blog is

  3. We need pictures especially of Tombstone!! Hope you are having fun, Chris


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