Saturday, July 31, 2010

We arrive at Colorado Springs, almost!

I think I am going to be a little more like Al, of the Bayfield Bunch and write some in Live Writer as I think of it.  Usually it is way late at night when I Get Around To saying hey, I gota do a blog.  And then the content suffers.

We were up before, well,,, 7:30 anyway.  The park was so quiet all night, but we did have one other family that arrived about 11:30.  He was setting up the travel trailer, and she looked way tired.  I went about my bathroom visit and stayed clear of their site.  They were not outside when we left.

We cleaned up inside of the coach and tried to put a lot of stuff away rather than having it piled everywhere.  Typical first night adjustments.  Scrub the tile floor and rearrange the fridge.  You know the drill.

I had us out of our site and over to the dump station before 9 and then up town getting fuel.  By 9:30 we were on the big highway.  I wanted to get most of the trip out of the way, so I set our sights on Colorado Springs.  I had chosen a park 15 miles East in the small town of Falcon.  Falcon Meadows RV.

While on the road I called and asked if I needed a reservation.  Well yes you do.  So after several calls back and forth they found a spot. And that settled it we were driving 290 miles! But we gained an hour going into mountain time!

It was getting hot but we were climbing as we went West!  Lunch came at Wendy’s in Goodland, KS.  We pulled into the parking lot and backed into the absolute rear corner.  It was an old Wendy’s and they didn’t have a $1 value menu.  And of course I am tight!!  But managed anyway. As we left, I noted that it was in the 90’s and the sun was really heating things up. We were at about 4,000 feet altitude.

We turned the corner onto US 24 at Limon, and headed for Colorado Springs.  There was some construction. A flag man and folks working on the shoulders of the road, but we made it right thru.  Three hundred miles gets longer on the second day of driving, and we were both wishing we would get there. Somewhere in there it became overcast and started to cool down as we climbed toward the mountains.

Falcon Meadows is an older commercial park at 6,800 feet.  It is second generation family owned.  The folks are as nice as you can get.  It is not rows and rows of parallel spots. Rather it is kind of all over the place, with a circle road and parallel sites to a center circular area of grass.  Our site is facing into that playground grass area.  Kids are running around and families are enjoying themselves.  This place is pleasant!

Over the tops of the trees, you can see the big mountain of Pikes Peak in the distance.  It is overcast and raining late this afternoon, so that view is limited right now.  The entrance to this park is an older convenience store and does not look very appealing from the road, but turns out to be much better once you are inside the grounds.  The many positive reviews on RVPark Rieviews.Com couldn’t be all wrong.

Oh, and its about 80 outside, but the rain cooled that some, and the AC ran for a while and shut off.  Of course now I can hear the highway, but at least it isn’t an interstate!


We went into the bedroom town of Falcon, and found many newer stores and an anchor  Wal-Mart.  By that time the temperatures had dropped into the 50s.  The rain has turned into a cold shower that has hung on for hours.  I was dreaming of cooler weather, but this is a drastic change from the heat of the Kansas prairie.  My shorts seem out of place now.

With the time change, we feel like it is the middle of the night, but actually it is barely past ten.  We may need heat by morning!  I hope not!!

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to see you had a safe trip, I guess you will be going to Manitou Springs and all the other Touristy places, Have a great time, We always enjoy that area. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. We arrived in Colorado Springs a few days ago. We went out of our way to avoid route 24 , as it was bad last year.

    The rains have been very heavy at times. Lets hope things improve.

  3. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what you get up to in Colorado Springs - it's one of the places Paulette and I want to visit one day.

  4. For myself, I have figured out that most of the year it is either going to be too cold or too hot. The remaining little bit of time the weather will be perfect!

    I haven't been to Colorado Springs for well over 15 years, but I remember really enjoying it. Hope you do too.


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