Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thoughts and plans

I see that we have 40 followers as of today, and that is somewhat of a milestone for us.  And in case I have never said thank you for your interest in our web site and becoming a follower,  Thank You

Each of you are special to us as we spend time writing and enjoying the RV lifestyle.  As you know, we are not full timers but summer vacationers and winter snow birds.  But we do enjoy and embrace the RV lifestyle.

We have talked some of another little trip this fall, but have not decided where or when.  Our schedule is somewhat up in the air for now.

We have been doing the doctor appointment thing this late summer and early fall, trying to get all of those pesky things taken care of so we can head on out after Thanks Giving.

Last year we went in November, but came back for much of December.  We drove from Arizona to Kansas in a toot with one overnight in Tucumcari, Nm.  On our way back from Kansas to Arizona, we all but decided that it was too much to try and come back for Christmas.

So as we are thinking now, we will wait to leave until after Thanksgiving, and then not return.  Oh, and the nasty Christmas Eve snow storm that we had to shovel our way out of, kind of cemented our thinking too.

Of course, this could all change as we make those plans in quick sand.  But we do have reservations at Valle Del Oro Resort in Mesa, Arizona starting December 1.  I sent almost one months rent with the reservations, so changes will be harder.

We have found that Mesa is a wonderful place to hide during the winter months, and are looking forward to repeating the adventure again.  Valle Del Oro is a different resort than we stayed at the last two years, being larger and a lot newer than Mesa Spirit.   It is not all that much more expensive, and is located farther East, almost out to Apache Junction.  The area surrounding Mesa Spirit is becoming quite old and run down, it is time that we make this change.

Mesa has had its share of hard times since the economic downturn, as has all of Arizona.  It is our hope that the economy will improve for the Phoenix area, and that we will enjoy better time this year.  Of course time will be the judge of that.

On a more mundane subject, I have one of those aged over 50 tests scheduled for the morning, that are not too blog about able.  You know, where you get to drink the gallon of laxative, which I am doing as I write this.

So I think I will just end off here tonight, and scramble for the .........little room.......

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck with your "unmentionable" test. Harry had to do the same a while back - not fun!! :)

    Planning for winter travels, however, IS a lot of fun! As I am still house bound, I am enjoying everyone's else's planning for the coming months.

  2. Actually Rod, I dreaded the thought of having that test, I likened it to having a video cam corder put(well you get the idea). Anyway when my brother was dying of colon cancer he insisted and my wife made the appointment for me the minute we got home, so I had no choice, Don't worry it wasn't bad at all, In my case they put you asleep for about an hour and you wake up and it's over and no discomfort. The worst part for me was trying to drink 4 liters of that water solution. Be safe out there and good luck with the test. Sam & Donna.

  3. I am just starting to think about the possibility of leaving here for the winter, and where would I go. Haven't come to any conclusions yet.


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