Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Sunday!

Sunday's just seem a lot slower.  For us retired folks, every day seems like the next.  We don't go to work and have that structure to set our lives out as we used to.  But, when we are looking for goods and services, we are usually needing to rely on the week days, as most things are closed on the weekends.

So for that reason alone, we are slow on Saturday, and even slower on Sunday.  Saturday is the big day when all the folks that worked all week need to shop, so we just try and stay away from the stores on Saturday.

And on Sunday, we tend to interact with our kids and grandkids, so that becomes a day to kick back as well.  So we can't get away totally from the weekly structure no matter how hard we try.

So today was a kind of an interact day with our son and daughter in law Chris and Melissa.  Seems as though the lightening and rain from the other night had caused an electrical problem at their house, and we spent some of the day trying to understand what happened.

I am supposed to be an electrician from my navy training, and the ham radio hobby as well, but I was not successful in figuring out the troubles.  So, I will give it another go later.

But that about used up my working time today, as the rest was ride the scooter, and go to Wal Mart for prescriptions and stuff.  Nothing exciting, but I did manage to leave the TV off all day.

After yesterday, football has to be suspended.  I just can't take a full diet of TV for days in a row, even if it is Football!

Retired Rod


  1. Yep, I know what you mean by not being able to take a full diet of TV for days in a row alright.

  2. I didn't watch TV "all day", but I did catch a couple of the NFL opening season games!


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