Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rain and more rain

We seem to be the only place in the country with big nasty storms!  It started about 5 AM and has not let up here all day long.  I was overcast and in the middle 60's, and made me go looking for long pants for the first time since back in May.

Of course I had long pants out in Colorado, but cast them off when we got home.  I think it is to be warmer in the up coming days, but this is a quick reminder that winter is on its way.

We had the older grand kids over here after school tonight, and watched sponge bob square pants on the dvd player.  Grandma took them to DQ for supper, and then they had Dilly Bars for dessert! MMmm!

So with computer time and some TV, baseball tonight, the day has slipped away.

Retired Rod


  1. You should be looking forward to cold weather about this time. I sure am, and Sacramento has had a relatively mild summer.

  2. I think I made the switch from shorts just after Labour Day. We haven't had much rain here, but we know it's coming eventually. Nothing like the DQ and Dilly Bars for kids!

  3. Just as I clicked on your blog about 6:30 this morning the rains began here. Same storm front you had & it's brought the mid 50's temps along with it as well. I'm not a shorts guy so I never have to make the switch:))

  4. I'm with Al, I gave up shorts a while back. Love those Dilly bars. We have been getting a litte rain here in Indiana this morning, but just enough to tease you.

  5. I think I left my shorts back in Rockport in April 09, and haven't missed them since.


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