Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rain, What rain?

For some reason, this didn't automatically post last night at midnight.  I just now caught it, so I posted manually. Sorry!

I went to the motor scooter shop and bought an oil filter mid morning, and the guy behind the counter said it was going to rain around 5 PM.  Oh, OK!

So I went home and fired up the John Deere, and the push mower and zapped the yard. It was looking long, and Loyce told the neighbor that I was on strike!  Well lazy perhaps but not on strike. LOL

So along about 4 PM, it did cloud all over and sprinkle, but within the hour it cleared and the sun came right out.  It looked really nice so I jumped on the scooter and went to supper.  It was ham club night and the church is about 75 blocks away.  I rode up there in really nice weather.

But of course my radio brothers immediately told me there was a big storm developing to the Southwest, and tracking right for us.  I took a wait and see attitude.  The meeting began, and I waited until the mid meeting break and went back outside.  Well now, 45 minutes later you could see that it really was coming right up the highway.

I quickly decided that it was time to leave.  Jumped on the scoot and headed straight South.  That wasn't good enough!  Big blotchy drops, and then wind.  I had ten miles to go.  So the lord was handing me lemons, and I didn't have a lemonade pitcher.  I had on my ripstop gear, but not the rain proof liners.  They were back home.  Since I had a full face helmet, and the rain wasn't hitting me right on the nose, I pressed on in the downpour.

So now it is 9:30, and the meeting is over with, they are all enjoying Godfathers Pizza, and I am home sitting here in wet pants.  But of course the rain has stopped again.  It hasn't stopped up North where the meeting is, but it won't be long.  And it has not been lost on me that I should have just sat tight.

But then I wouldn't have had the character building experience of riding in the pouring rain on a dark night, with my smoke wind screen on the helmet.  One car passed me and drove thru the biggest water puddle in the street, and just covered me.  You know he enjoyed that!!  Of course Loyce was mad at me, when I arrived.

It has since started to pour again, and it looks like an all nighter!

Retired Rod

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  1. The worst part of that whole sad story Rod, is that you missed out on the Godfather's Pizza!!

    Glad you made it home safely though.


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