Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chrome has arrived

That pesky Rick up in Victoria, BC went and did it to me again!  He wrote a blog about using Chrome as a browser, and that it was a lot faster than my old standby, FireFox.  Well I thought to myself, I won’t have to load that because they won’t have a linux version!

Wrong!!!   They most certainly have a linux version, or several linux versions depending on which linux you use.  And it downloaded easily, and installed without much fuss.  And it seemed alright, different than what I am used to, but alright.

I messed around for a lot of the morning trying to decide how to do stuff without the main old command line that I learned way back.  I had trouble understanding the bookmarks menu, or lack there of.  And, the biggest problem was that I didn’t know how to add a bookmark to the list. 

See I haven’t used or bothered to learn any Internet Explorer versions after IE6.  I usually just dump the program off of my computer.  Since it won’t work on linux, and I only want to learn programs that work both on linux and windows.  Using windows live writer as I type, it keeps underlining linux, as they are not willing to even recognize that such a thing exists.  And no live writer doesn’t run under Linux either, but I broke my rule on that one since it is so powerful.

So I went ahead and downloaded the Windows version of Chrome on the W7 machine and low and behold, it is almost identical to the linux install.  And yes that pesky star on the address/search line is the add bookmark command.  I knew it had to be there, because the Ctrl D command made it work.  That goes back almost to the beginning of browsers.

But somewhere I wasn’t using IE when they began to add favorites with the star, and google decided to use the star like microsoft.  And I had no idea what that star was there for.  Well until I finally decided to click on it just to see what it did.

So I have been messin with Chrome all day.  I put the loading Icons right beside each other on both machines, so I will have to make a choice each time I want a browser.  And Chrome loads in about half the time, and pulls up windows equally as fast.  Well, nothing can help my internet connection when it gets slow.  But otherwise it seems to work like dandy!  Google usually has stuff right by the time they introduce it.  I didn’t look to see if it had an Apple version.

I took a couple of motor scooter jaunts during the day, but other than that, it has been a down day other than the computering.  At least I enjoy that!!

Retired Rod

Drop me a comment if you have tried Chrome, I’d love to know your opinion, even if it is bad!  Tell me why!


  1. Tried Chrome a couple years ago but couldn't grasp the concept of how it worked. Went back to good old reliable IE & stayed there. IE has always worked fine for us so why mess with it. Tried Firefox a couple times but it just didn't ring my chimes.....

  2. I'm giving Chrome a try on my desktop, my wife doesn't like it so the laptop will remain IE8, Yes Chrome is visible faster on the desktop, but I didn't notice any speed increase on the laptop, wonder why. On my version you can import all your IE favorites so I had no trouble there.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. The more I use Chrome and find out about all of its great features, the more I like it. I like the startup speed and the "address and search combo box" is a great idea and works extremely well.

    I thought I'd miss the Google Toolbar, but now I much prefer Chrome's "extensions" that replace the big old toolbar with just the icons I want shown.

    Everything else I want to do, I can usually find just by clicking the "wrench" in the top right hand corner.

  4. I also tried Chrome a while back and didn't like the looks of it well enough to become familiar with using it. I'm satisfied with Firefox and see no reason to change.

  5. I'm trying Chrome (also thanks to Rick) and I'm learning how to use it more and liking it.


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