Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You!

I am honored and humbled by all the nice comments that I have received about my upcoming procedure.  This blog business has been so much more than I anticipated it would be when I first started out.  Thank you all!

While I have met a few of the folks whose blogs I often read, mostly I have not had the pleasure.  But it is amazing, that I count each and every one of you as close friends.  I feel as though I know you almost better than I would just sitting around a campfire.

There is something about writing our thoughts on a computer screen, that seems to mesmerize us into being almost more honest than we could be in person.  We explain our goofs, and dumb moves almost shamelessly and think nothing of it.

Usually we get a bunch of comments, telling us not to be so hard on ourselves, and that the commenters have done exactly the same thing.  Or encouragement and suggestions how to get out of our trouble.  So I have grown to really like blogging, and the friends it has brought me.

I never thought that I would face a nasty procedure at the hospital, and turn to my computer friends for love and encouragement, but that is just what has happened. And I am richer for the experience.

I am also thinking about Al over at the Bayfield Bunch, and his decision to turn off the comment box on his blog.  If my comment box was off, would I really have gotten to know each of you, as I feel I now do?  Or would I have been able to go into the RV Park where Rick and Paulette were staying last winter and have the courage to barge right up and say howdy? Hummmmm! I'd bet not.  So barring any bad experiences, I think I will leave mine open.

Today, I went to the barber shop and got a haircut so I won't scare the surgeon!  We talked sports, and of my operation, and of course there was the guy there that had already had the same thing.  I'm not sure his story was actually encouraging, but he tried to make it seem that way.

And I spent a lot of time just riding the motorscooter.  It is like therapy for me, and I am painfully aware that I will have to put it up for quite a long while.  I was out looking for a folding table for Loyce to use in her crafts.  I went to about four different stores, but found nothing that would work better than the broken one she already has.

So in the end, I ended up over at the hardware store buying screws and stuff to cobble her old one back together,    again!   It is made from particle board, and the screws pull out when she moves it.  It has casters, but on the carpet, it still puts stress on the joints.  All this so called furniture made from particle board is really junk.

One day closer to getting fixed up!

Retired Rod


  1. I totally 100% agree with your thoughts centered around, "I feel as though I know you almost better than I would just sitting around a campfire." Well said & you have hit the nail square on the head. I have been trying to get that point across in my blog for years & you just did it in a couple paragraphs. Good for you sharing those meaningful feelings:))

  2. Our feelings exactly, and the few bloggers we have met in person, so far turned out to be outstanding and close friends, Who never fail to leave with an invite to visit them on their homes or wherever they happen to be. Just a great bunch of people out there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I still remember well the day you drove up to our site on your scooter at the Sands RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs and what a great and welcome surprise it was to see you. Blogging is the only way we'd have had a chance to meet you and Loyce.

    I hope we'll get an opportunity to take another run down to Temecula for one of those terrific Mad Madeline's burgers and this time it'll be my turn to buy!!

    Keep up the good thoughts and you'll be back on the road to 'recovery and Arizona' before you know it!

  4. Guess I got to get up earlier. By the time I read your blog all my thoughts have already been plagarized, or maybe people are not really all that different. Brenda and I have enjoyed and looked forward to your blog each morning for a couple of years now and you are correct about how many friends and new acquaintances we have made because of this strange online journaling.

  5. While I may never get a chance to meet you in personally, I feel like I know you and Loyce very personally.

    I'm sending all good wishes for getting this ordeal over with successfully, and then back to a normal life! The day is never complete without reading your blog.

  6. You put into words how most of us out here in blogland feel. Very cool post. Our prayers are with you.

  7. Hi there Rod..found your blog through Bayfield Bunch ..we are going to ride along with you for a while!..keep writing and we will keep on reading.


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