Thursday, September 30, 2010

Storing the scooter

This afternoon, I had to load the motor scooter into our utility trailer.  Knowing that I won't have enough strength to do this after the hospital gets done with me, it is best to get it done my way now.

As you can see, I strapped it down a bunch of ways with new straps and the older straps from last year. 

The cross strap over the handle bars is a new item that I purchased about a month ago for this purpose, and the heavy orange straps to the floor are also new.  They are rated for a 1,000 pounds each.

I put the wheel chock in last year when we took the little red Kymco to Arizona.  I purchased it at Harbor Freight for around $50 if I remember correctly.  I had re drilled it moving the back part of the wheel holder forward for the smaller scooter wheels.  It grabbed the front wheel as I drove into it and worked like a dream.

After I took these pictures, I covered the bike with a black cycle cover and hauled the whole works back over to the storage place.

The rest of the day here was kind of depressing, as I went after supplies to get ready to go into the hospital.  They want me there at 5:30 in the morning.  What's up with that?

I guess I'll be there for the duration, so what difference does it make?


  1. They always want you there early so you can take off your clothes and put on one of those gowns that never closes properly, and you can sit around cooling your heels for a few hours until they are ready for you.

    I can imagine how "down and depressed" you must be feeling, but it's better for you if you just try to imagine a positive outcome.


  2. You'll be back in no time! Prayers for your quick recovery my friend!

  3. The hospital people probably read your blog & know you are an early bird & that's why they are hauling your butt in there on the early side:)) And the surgeon guy doesn't want to be late for his 10 o'clock coffee break either. If he misses that he could get a little shakey!! Say, ya don't suppose they would let you take your camera in so the operating room staff could get a few procedure pics for your blog. We bloggers love pictures you know. All the best big guy & we'll be thinking at you:))

  4. Keep your chin up, Rod. We'll all be thinking of you and praying for you.

    I agree with Gypsy. They need you there early so you can sit around and wait!

  5. Good luck my friend, in a few days you will be saying , "Ah That wasn't so bad after all" We will send prayers for a safe and fast recovery.Your friends, Sam & Donna.

  6. Nice job on the scooter Rod, it looks good and secure.

    We'll be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible after your surgery and I'm keeping a positive attitude for you!

    All the best, and know that Paulette and I will be thinking of you tomorrow and looking forward to your complete recovery!

  7. Now you got the scooter loaded and ready to go to Arizona, once you get out of the hospital you will be able to just get Loyce to load the rest, the 10 pound rule ya know, and then head SW. Might as well recover in the warm, and pretty soon you will be cruising the streets of Apache Junction and will have forgotten all about this bump along the road.

    I think I speak for the rest of though when I say forget Al's camera suggestion that is TMI (too much information). LOL

    Hurry back we will be waiting on the next chapter of your journey.

  8. You sound so sad when you are talking about putting the scooter up. Breaks my heart. You will be in our prayers.

  9. Wishing you good luck tomorrow. Hopefully time will pass quickly for your recovery.

  10. Just a note Rod, they gave me the clearance to head south so I am sending that good karma on to you and we'll see you amongst the saguaro's this winter.


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