Thursday, September 23, 2010

Firefox 4.0 beta 6/ Battery tender installed.

I am a FireFox kind of a guy.  I downloaded FireFox 4.0 Beta 6, and turned off the Menu Bar, so it would look minimal like Chrome, and IE9.  It has the tabs on top, like the others, but I am more used to having them right above the viewing window, so I changed that back to how I like it.

But most importantly for me, I have the separate query box to type a inquiry into and not have to mess with the URL address line.  It seems that I never get it highlighted in order to delete the last info correctly, and end up typing a search into the old URL info.  I know that I can just type new stuff, and it should wipe the old, but I seem to violate that somehow on Chrome and I am spending time manually deleting the old URL before I can search for the next subject.  And by the way, if you want to type your inquiry into the URL line like IE9 or Chrome, go ahead, it will look it up just the same as the competitors do.  Your choice!

I'm used to Fire Fox, and 4.0 gives me a lot of the slick changes and increased speed of the others, but keeps me happy with familiarity.  I have yet to play too much with the new groups tabs, but they really look promising, in order to organize the use of my browsing.  But I think they should have made the groups button more prominent rather than two little black stripes on the upper left.

Do you want to download FireFox 4.0 beta 6  Aw, come on you know you want to try it!

It will load in a different Icon than your old FireFox 3.6 and if you don't like it you can go back to the old one at any time.  Or, you can uninstall it completely and leave the old one still there.  But remember, it is beta, and might crash, or maybe not, and they do ask you to send in your thoughts once in a while.  They really want to make it better for you.

I'm still here at the lake, and it began to rain in the middle of the night, and kept it up all morning.  I wanted to change the oil in the outboard, but even though it is under a roof, I chickened out and didn't get started on the work until it began to let up some after noon.

I've done this work now 5 times, and I have it down to a science, so I have to report that I didn't spill any in the lake or on the dock.  And none in the carpet of the pontoon either.  Since I am overwhelmed with stuff to service with oil changes, it does seem a lot like work!

Late in the afternoon, I went in to Wal Mart with the old used oil and dropped it off at the garage.  I was a good boy and went in and signed the book.  Usually I leave it when they are closed and just pass on the signature part.

I decided that I will leave two of the little battery tender gizmos here, with one on the motor scooter and a second on the boat.  So I went in and bought another one.

This evening I installed the first one on the Kymco motor scooter.

I installed the harness under the battery screws intending to leave that part on the scoot permanently.  I actually put the floorboard piece back in after I took the picture, leaving only the connector sticking out from the side where the crack is next to the upper right of the charger.

That will allow me to plug in the charger on any moments notice, without messing with the battery compartment.  I think that is kind of neat!

Retired Rod


  1. I always tried the Beta versions with my old XP system, but I'm not as daring with the Mac. I'm having problems with tabs - somehow I fixed it so that when I load Firefox I automatically load Gmail, my blog, and the Firefox start page. I'd like to go back to doing one at a time when I feel like it, but somehow can't get back to whatever I did to set it up in the first place.

    I like to stay with something I'm familiar with as long as it still works great for me. No need to try new stuff I have to learn - at my age I want to save my brain for the things I'm interested in!

    I'd be interested in hearing more about the Beta6 Firefox. Is it just faster?

  2. "Do you want to download FireFox 4.0 beta 6 Aw, come on you know you want to try it!"

    Aw, come on you know I won't!!

  3. I'm with Al and Gypsy, this old brain has limited onboard RAM and when I need to remember something new I have to forget something my kids names.....LOL.

  4. Gypsy, Al and JB I see are all no's to Firefox 4 Beta. I never would have guessed! Where's there pioneering spirit anyway?

    Like you, I've downloaded and tried Firefox 4 and it's still on my desktop. But, I've gotten used to the Chrome's 'combo box' for the url and search and really like it.

    Once the Beta's are all stable and Firefox 4 plus IE9 are finished, it's going to be a difficult choice as to a default browser for some.

  5. I'm with Al, if it ain't broke, don't fix it....


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