Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hawkeye game and car repair.

I spent all day watching the college football games,  and especially my Iowa Hawkeyes.  As a graduate, I have to watch that.  And not always with an objective eye!  But I am happy to report that we won 35 to 7.  This is the interstate rivalry and several of my readers are Iowa State fans, so I will not bloviate  here too much.

I lost much of the game, as I had to go retrieve the Camry right in the middle.  I had made the appointment for the brakes to be looked at two days ago when I was over at the Harley dealer.  The front disk rotors were obviously warped, as the pedal had a bunch of flutter at high speed.

When I made the appointment, the lady ticket writer told me that brakes were expendable, like tires and gasoline.  And consequently were not covered under warranty.  That I would need a complete brake job and it would be just short of $200 for the fronts.  Dealer prices, and I just about said nah, I'll get it done somewhere else.

But for some unknown reason, I went along and made the appointment.  Now today I had a different ticket writer, and he said that this was fairly common with Camrys and to let him see what he could do.  OK

By three in the afternoon, I was beginning to wonder what had happened with the brake job, but the game was in the second quarter.  And that's when I got the call to come get the car.

When I got there, the guy recognized me and got my ticket out of the stack from memory.  He then explained that just as he had remembered, there was a Technical Service Bulletin on brake flutter, and the brake job was to be on Toyota.  Atta Boy!!!  I was more than pleased, as the car is only about 18 months old.

When I got back home, I spent the rest of the day with the football games.  Kinda of a waste, but I enjoy it so much, and after all I am retired!!!!!

Retired Rod

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  1. Always nice to find out a repair is under warranty especially when you're not expecting it. Glad to see your Hawkeye's won.


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