Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Electricity, we need electricity?

No motor scooter today.   We needed to decide why we didn't have electricity in several rooms at my son's house.  Melissa took off all the cover plates and helped me access the wiring.

Deciding how all of this is supposed to work when you weren't in on the plan when it was wired is somewhat of a challenge, but after several hours of testing, we decided that we have a broken wire.  Now what to do about it is the next step.

I bridged the wire, so she will have juice for tonight, and we put everything back together.  By then it was almost 4 PM.

But we had fun, thinking it thru as it is kind of like a big jigsaw puzzle.  Deciding how it was meant to work.

When I came back to our side of town, I got into the Wendy's drive thru line and ordered my three dollar lunch, for almost supper, and then realized that I didn't have my wallet.  Oooops!  Had to jump the drive thru line.... And of course they know me by sight in there, so I went and got the missing cards and came back.

This time I went inside and apologized, but they said it wasn't a problem, once they figure out what happened and thanked me for coming in and explaining.  And of course now I had an order for a salad for Loyce too.

Tonight is catch up on the blogs time, but perhaps a football game???  Now I said I wasn't going to do that........ you know I'll break down and have to watch some!!!

Retired Rod


  1. My dad was an electrician and I should have paid more attention.

  2. Good catch on the electrical problem! Hope you watched the game from Kansas City last night, it was a dandy! Looked a little wet there though!

  3. I love football too, so my Hubby has it made. The only problem is we root for two different teams. They play each other on the 26th, so one of us will be upset. Stay safe.


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