Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Lake Ozark

I got to thinking about the fact that I never got the oil changed in the Honda outboard engine on the pontoon boat when we were in Lake Ozark over the Labor Day weekend.

Of course that began to work on me overnight, and to make a long story much shorter, I am now in Lake Ozark.  I didn't leave until about 1 PM and arrived here about supper time.  I brought the pickup truck, since it hadn't been on the road for a while.  It also had most of the tools on board so I didn't need to reload stuff.  I am here by myself.

After arriving, I had forgotten that the AC was turned totally off when we left after labor day.  But it was instantly noticeable, as it was almost 100 inside the house.  That made things a tad hard to adjust to while packing my stuff inside.  I finally turned on the AC and went up town.

A trip for some supper and to Wal Mart for oil and a filter took an hour or more and allowed the AC to cool the house some without me having to wait it out.  It was still in the 80s inside when I got back, but that was not so unbearable.

Tonight, I have spent time on Skype talking to a friend up in Des Moines, and catching up on reading blogs.              First thing in the morning, I will get started on that oil change for the outboard.  It is on a floating lift  on the water, and the work is done above the open lake.  So, no dropping tools, if you ever want to see them again!

I wrote a blog about changing the oil in the Honda Outboard once before, and it is one of the most searched blogs that I have ever written.  The statistics for that post are about 10 times any other blog in my career.

While here, I will mount that battery tender on the Red Kymco motorscooter, since I drained the gas out of it and will not try to start it until next summer.  Or spring, anyway.

So this will be kind of a whirlwind trip, and those are common in the fall of the year, as having a second home becomes somewhat of a liability when winter is coming.

I just went back to that post about the oil change and noticed it was on September 22, 2008.  That is exactly two years ago to the very day.  Isn't it amazing how our lives become so routine?  But to the very day?  Oh well some things are not meant to make sense.

Retired Rod


  1. I enjoy an occasional weekend off to myself with my camera and the trains, not that I don't miss Donna, or Adam & Rigg's but it is good like a retreat to just enjoy the quiet and do the things you like that need to be done. Did you ever find a bathrobe, I have one but it would never fit if I ever had to be hospitalized, maybe it's time for me to begin a quest. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. That's quite a coincidence to end up doing the same job on the same date 2 years apart. Hope it means good luck and no wrenches at the bottom of the lake!


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