Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go home day!

We tried our darnedest not to leave today, as it seemed we would be busy well into the night.  The work on the day you leave the lake is overwhelming.

Loyce started on the pink jobs the moment she got up, and I worked on the blue stuff.  Well, for me, the blue stuff included running the gas out of the red scooter.  So I just had to go on a 25 mile ride.  Up to the town of Eldon along a state lettered twisty road.  And I didn't take the camera, dumb, dumb.

It crosses a creek that empties into the Osage river below the dam.  That creek can be quite high at times, as they have a water depth gage along the side of the road.  You actually drive right thru the creek.  There are culverts under the road, but when the water becomes more than the culverts can handle it goes over the road.  The depth gage goes up to six feet deep.  I'm sure no one could drive thru that.  I've seen it in the spring, and it moves quite fast.  They put up barricades so no fool hardy fellow can get himself into trouble. You really are miles away from any town.

Once that was over, I came home and drained the rest of the gas out of the tank by removing the hose to the carburetor.  Then I ran it out of gas.  That will keep it for the winter.

We mixed up a mixture of gas and Stabil to put into the pontoon boat to pickle the gas.  This will hold the tank for an extended period of time.  We will more than likely use the boat again, so we will just continue to mix the stabil into the gas we add as we boat.  Then when we have put the engine away for the last time, it will be ready for winter.

We did take about a three mile ride up the channel into the wind, which was blowing really steadily.  It  was rough, and the water sprayed over the sides of the pontoon.  It was also quite warm in the high 80s so no one minded a bit.

When we came back, it was time to put the Jet Ski back on its trailer and into the garage.  Ben rode the ski over to the takeout ramp, while I took the trailer over.  Jet Ski trailers are very short and hard to back up.  But I managed to get him hauled out.

When we got ready and finally left for home it was after 5 PM.  The ride takes over three hours, so it was dark when we got to KC.   We had a car full of groceries, as we had emptied out the big fridge, of all the stuff that had accumulated during the summer.  We threw away even more stuff than we brought home.  Why do fridges collect so much left over and half used stuff?

Of course the left overs end up in the freezer when you are leaving for another week.  I tossed a lot of stuff last year too.

So back to KC!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like you've got everything well under control up at the lake. It is always surprising to see just how much stuff can collect in a fridge or freezer!

    I agree with you about backing up a small trailer - my 5'er is easier to back up than my little utility trailer.

  2. It seems like you were just arriving at the lake and getting everything ready for the upcoming season. Time sure goes by quickly.

    You seem to get all the tough jobs - like ride the gas out of the scooter.


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