Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Football keeping us awake!

Yes, KC was in Monday night football against the San Diego Chargers last night, and I was on board as they started the game.  It was the second game of the evening, so it started quite late.  But then I am a night owl.

Kansas City has had their problems with pro football in the last several years, and they are reconstructing a team from almost scratch.  New coach last year, remodeled stadium, you name it we've done it over.  And over.

So with great trepidation on my part, I began to watch the game.  We looked better!  And had some luck with our special teams on long run backs.  And we had bad weather.  Another of those storms like I rode the motorscooter home in on Friday night was brewing.  I could see the lightening off to the Northwest.

It was a cool rain, if not almost cold, and it seemed to bother the Californians more than us.  But after half time those pesky folks from San Diego seemed to find themselves and another touchdown to come within one score of tying it back up.  We rallied on defense, something we never seemed to get done in past years, and held on to win the game.

I was glued to the set.  Remember, I wasn't going to do that!  Ya right.  I was wound up and didn't actually go to sleep until after 2 AM.

So bring on this morning.  And I couldn't get myself out of bed.  Wanted to snooze!!!!!  But Melisa was bringing us the baby for the day.  Had to get up.

So we played with the baby during the morning, and I went out on the scooter for a Wendy's at lunch.  You would think I would be sick of it by now, but It doesn't upset me as much as the other fast food places.

After the kids were gone in the early evening, I went out and worked in the yard some on the weeds around a couple of our trees.  Round up, and plain pulling will slow them down.  Oh and it is Income Tax estimate day tomorrow too, so I had some office time while that got done.

Finally, I rode over to the motorhome storage lot to open the water tanks on the rig.  We are not able to get in a fall trip, like we hoped, so the tanks need to be emptied.  Pulled out the corrosion rod on the water heater as well and let it drain.  May as well start from dry tanks next time.

It may, and probably will freeze before we set out for Arizona, so at some point the pipes will need some pink stuff.

Just another day in the adventure of life here in KC.

Retired Rod


  1. I'm in the same boat this year, we are going to a Rally in Columbia on the 23rd, when I leave there, both tanks Black and Grey will have to be flushed and empty. Then as soon as I am home the fresh water tank and water heater will neat emptying and blowing out as well as the water lines and low points. I will then add pink stuff. This will be the earliest I have done this in a while as we usually go to the Lake at least once in October but this year I will be in PA in October and by the time I get back late in November we will have already had a hard freeze here. Who knows with the winter we had last year we may have snow. I made up my mind to take the deck off the tractor and put the plow and weights and chains on before I leave for PA and then put it in it's winter spot in the garage, so my Son or Donna can get at it while I'm gone.Hopefully sometime this winter we will be making a trip to Fla for a few weeks. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. That just tells me that you are waiting to long to head to Arizona Rod.

  3. Glad to hear your team pulled it off. I wish I could say the same about the Colts, but it just wasn't happening. Stay safe

  4. Like JB says, head out before it freezes! It was a great game and I was glad to see KC hang on for a win, they sure deserved it.


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