Saturday, September 18, 2010

A nice fall day!

I spent the morning with my wife doing health care things.  That always causes me to be impatient, as I have way too much of an A personality.  But the day was reawakened when we came home about noon.

In the afternoon, I went out on the motorscooter heading for one of the cycle apparel stores up about 10 miles north of our house.  The day had started today at 50 degrees, but by mid afternoon I was reading mid 80s on the bike dash.  It was nicely warm but not overbearing.

I was looking for a certain glove style, and they did have that style but in a 3X.  I usually take a 2X, but decided to go ahead and get the bigger ones, since I have never found another pair that I can put my hand into.  These were just a tad too big, so rather than go without, I will have something.

I rode back here by about 5 PM and have messed around with the computer ever since.  I'm not sure where the time goes when I get on here, as I accomplish almost nothing, but I must be having fun, somehow!

I went back over to Wal Mart and bought a package of sliced roast beef to make a sandwich with for supper, and now its late again.

Tomorrow is college football again!  I'm sure that day will just evaporate as well!

Retired Rod


  1. My leather bike gloves are very old now & are actually being held together with electrical & duct tape. I've had them since day one even though they are a little scraped up from a motorcycle crash in 1994. Despite a very badly smashed up & surgically fixed left wrist the gloves were a good testament of why it's important to wear them while riding.

  2. I still have my old black leather gauntlet gloves from my Police motorcycle days, also two PD helmets one in Blk/Wh and the other two tome blue. Probably never have another Harley but I have them just in case. Glad to see you can use the bigger gloves, at least they won't blow off like a hat one size to big. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Good you have gloves, even a little too large. I know what you mean about the time on the computer just flying by.

  4. Maybe that time on the computer would go a lot quicker, Rod, if you took those big gloves off when you're typing!!

  5. Thanks Rick!!! I'll try to remember that in the future as I write yet another boring blog!!! LOL


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