Monday, July 23, 2012

All those odd jobs.....

This afternoon's Haboob didn't make it out here to the East end of the valley...  The TV was following it along with the helicopters staying out in front of it  so their video was something other than a cloud of dust.

It started farther west of Tucson, more in the Gila Bend area traveling North and East.  Eventually it crossed over the South Mountain and flooded more into Phoenix and the Western suburbs...  That was quite alright with us as we didn't want to clean up all that dirt again.

My day started at 6 AM with the beginning of full daylight, and fairly cool temperatures in the high 80s.. I needed to stain that fence door on the South side of the garage, and went right out to begin the project..

With a brush and the watery tan stain, it went rather slow.  The boards soaked up the stain rather than allowing it to be spread around much..  That sent me back to the paint can after only a couple of strokes on the wood.  As the clouds broke up and the sun rose over the East wall of the back fence, it was in the 90s almost instantly.

By 8 AM I was on the bottom end of the back side of the fence door, and sweating in the morning sun... No wonder workers start as early as possible...  Once back in the shade cleaning out the brush, it didn't seem too bad again.

I was glad to change to inside jobs again mid morning, but that British Open Golf business again trapped me in front of the TV...  But when the leaders and Tiger both began to duff all over the place, I lost interest and went on to the hanging of the new vertical blind over the sliding door...

That isn't all that hard, mostly unpacking the thing and assembly on the kitchen island...  But then you have to measure and determine where to mount the brackets so the blinds hang just above the floor..  The brackets are slotted up and down, so that must suggest that folks have trouble getting it right.

I did get it right the first time, but that is because I am desperately slow...  Sometime during that process the golf got over, and I saw that Ernie Els was the winner...  Never did understand how that happened, but he was right there on the leader board all day.. Everyone else must have started duffing when he didn't..  That always sums up these golf tournaments...

So Loyce likes her blind that matches the other darker wood blinds we put up in the living room, and it doesn't drag on the floor, or worse look high water......

Oh, and I was back at programming that little switch timer thing I installed yesterday....  I didn't have it right, or even close...  You can pick several day sequences  for each of the six program positions...  MWF, T Th,  MTWThF, SS, or every day...  or any single day of the week...  I was looking for every day, but somehow didn't get it selected.

I had a floor lamp up next to the little display with a magnifying glass to see it...  I'm sure it was quite the sight, but only Biscuit was home with me at the time, and she won't tell...  We'll have to wait and see if the lights come on tomorrow, before we declare the project as a success.....

Slowly my check list of stuff to get done before we head back to Kansas is becoming shorter....

Retired Rod


  1. Ernie Els' win sure came out of the blue alright - I missed it too. When the leader bogeys the last 4 holes it's not too surprising.

    Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy with a lot of odd jobs - big and small. I call any kind of painting a 'big job'.

  2. You sure have perseverance when it comes to your To-Do list. I'm not so good at it, and there are small jobs that I've put off for months, if not years!

  3. Sounds like your really busy --I am catchin' up to ya -- gotta back door and a window now--waiting for tin for the roof -- hired an electrician today -- now i need a plumber!!!
    Keep on working -- I know the end is in sight someday!!! my whole house will fit in your living room!!


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