Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A short rant!

My thoughts about Home Depot and their appliance center......!

I understand this came from Nick Russell, and Froggi Donna copied it and put it on Facebook, where I lifted it and uploaded it to my blog.....  But just the same it describes how our appliance delivery went this morning.

The guys were obviously lost when they called, so I had to talk them in on their cell phone...  Once here, they began unboxing the appliances and when they got to the dryer, the main guy let out an "Oh oh........!!!"

The entire front top of the dryer where the electronics are mounted was broken free of the machine and kind of hanging on its wires.....  "I can't put that in your house, as it is an electrical hazard!!!"  The cardboard box that housed the dryer wasn't damaged in any way....  Was it boxed up that way?

So a lot of phone calls later, we will be getting another washer and dryer that match each other, and I guess it will be another newer model again, since this model is now out of stock too...

But the kicker is that we will be waiting again until Thursday...  The washer works though and we are doing some washing that really needs to be done and hanging it on dryer racks, that Loyce thought to bring from our KC home.......  It'll be slow, but will get us out of running out of clothes all together, or going to the laundromat...  Yuck!!

At least those clothes dry rather fast when its 115 outside.  That was what the reported temperature was over at the Mesa Gateway Airport 2 miles West of us here.  I needed a mattress foundation for the guest bedroom, and found one at a mattress store over on Power Road.  I knew it felt hotter yet but didn't understand until I looked at the report from the NWS.

When I was hitching the trailer to the truck, I couldn't hang onto the crank handle on the jack to crank up the trailer without a glove on... And when I got back out of the truck, my leg touched the chrome metal tubular step rail on the side of the truck!!! Yeow!!!  It burned like an exhaust pipe on a cycle....

Over at the mattress store we kind of ran the foundation into the back of the trailer, not even bothering to strap it down...  Just tilted it at an angle against the wall of the box and called it good.... It was only about 5 miles home..

Again I just slid it into the garage and parked the truck out on the curb... I'll deal with that later when the sun isn't so scorching....  Even the local TV people are now talking about records, reporting that the overnight low of 91 set a record for the warmest overnight in many years.....

And of course we have to be here to experience it... It's just our way of doing things..

I've seen hotter, but that was back in my younger days in Viet Nam.. It was routinely in the 120s over there...

Retired Rod


  1. Oh boy.
    Hate to say it but, I only go to those places to 'look'. By "those places" I mean, Home Despot, Worst Buy, Futile Shop. Shall I continue?

    Then I go to the local "Mom and Pop" kind of place and see what they have. Even when it came to our appliances for the kitchen reno that I did a while back, it was a place that ONLY sells appliances, even though they hardly would fit into the "Mom and Pop" category. They don't sell lumber. So, your appliances aren't going to arrive on what is basically a lumber truck. Handled by people used to throwing lumber around...
    I mean, I'll buy building materials at Home Despot, but that's about it.

    I realise sometimes the choices are limited, so naturally your mileage may vary.

    I hope the heat lets up, but you're in kind of a "hot spot" there, so I don't think that's going to happen soon.
    Stay cool.

  2. We can't live with them, can't live without them--the big box stores that is! I've sworn off Best Buy and after the pleasant experience we had buying a dishwasher from a mom and pop store, I may swear off Home Depot!

  3. I'm no fan-boy of Home Depot, but who put this machine in the box in the first place? Probably the manufacturer? I still think Home Depot's delivery could use some improvement in a case like yours though, Rod. Anyway, never a dull moment!!

  4. Home Depot is certainly not all its cracked up to be - picked out a back door it was crooked -picked out another - it was damaged -can't sell you that one nosiree Bob! picked out another (more expensive)door it was damaged - got a $50 discount on it--- had to special order a front door to the tune of $607.00 -be here in about 3 weeks -- told the man I would think about it -- called another store got exact same door for $375.00 delivery time 3 days -- Ask me if I like Home Depot?? Good luck getting your dryer!


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