Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Really BIG Day...

We were up fairly early for us anyway, to head over to the house and meet with builder foreman Todd..  He had the home warranty book and wanted to go thru it with us..... page by page...

It seemed to take forever, and was emphasized by the fact we had absolutely nothing to sit on in the house....  My back began to kill me,  and I was not impressed how they tend to say if you don't inspect this or that every week, its neglect, and we can't warranty that!   Loyce senses when I'm starting to be put out with stuff, and brought the meeting to a close....

We have to be over in North Scottsdale for the closing at 11, she kept reminding him...  But there seemed to be just one more thing.....,, and then another...

And we found out that taking the door off of the oven and microwave somehow averts people looking into the house late at night and thinking the appliances are all there ready to be stolen.  If it looks half missing, they won't bother because it won't sell as well.....  They had the missing pieces back in a closet and only took a moment to put them back on.

So once we managed to get away from Todd, we had to drive like crazy to make our appointment with the title company....  Which we were late for and had to call ahead and ask for forgiveness.

Seems that that caused the regular gal to have to do her next closing, as those people were early.... So we had an assistant help us.  It didn't matter as the assistant seemed quite adept at explaining all the papers and what they were for, making sure our signatures were in all the correct places...  Still it was well after noon before we were back to the parking garage..  In Scottsdale, buildings have enclosed parking for their workers and visitors.....  It was 106 when we came out to go home...

But now we had the door closers and the keys..  Another hour's drive and we were back at the motorhome...  The rest of the afternoon was spent unloading the truck and the Toyota car.  With Loyce finding spots for most of the stuff in the new cupboards...

Then late in the day, the furniture people came with their big truck.  There were only two guys to move the big couch and love seat.  Also there is a king sized bed and its heavy mattress.  They rained sweat and the doors to the house were wide open letting out all the A/C into the 108 degree afternoon.

But I was gone during this work, back to Costco looking for a portable bar fridge..  We had a epiphany that since we would have no refrigerator for the next week, we would have to rent another week of RV lot just to keep our food cold...  So do we eat our meals back at the MH and work on the house in the meantime, running back and forth in the heat?

What if we just take that lot rent money and buy a bar refrigerator with it and go park the MH in the storage lot...  Same money spent, but not nearly as much running around, and Costco had a small one that wasn't too expensive..  So that was my project while the furniture was being assembled....

As I write this, Loyce is still over at the house, hauling another load of things from the coach. Groceries and cleaning supplies and some of the appliances we use in the winter, that normally wouldn't go on vacations or camping in the MH..

For me, I am done with all of this for the day, but I just checked the national weather service and it is still 100 outside even though it has been dark for an hour or more... Loyce said its a lot easier to work on this stuff without the sun on you...  I wonder if she will sleep here at the coach, or over in the new house tonight......?

Retired Rod


  1. Gah!! Heat + Moving of any kind = Not fun.

    A small fridge also comes in handy for a shop or other form of "Man Cave" I find.
    When our younger daughter was in school, we had to buy a fridge and have it delivered to her dorm. Paid a little more than I wanted to for that undertaking, but anyway...
    When she was living at home for a time, she thought she'd like to "have it in her room". Hahaa. Man, I laughed.
    Um. No. I paid for it. My fridge.
    It's in my shop, and is really handy for keeping beer and well,...not much else. What else would I put in there?
    Plus, I have it mounted up at chest height as part of a row of cupboards, so that's even better.
    You'll find a handy use for your little fridge down the road I'd imagine.

  2. My bet is she sleeps in the new house---if mine had windows and doors to keep the snakes and the resident bear out I would be sleeping there too!!....and I agree SO many decisions - too much time -- Little refer is great idea - what kind did you get?

    1. The little fridge is a Sanyo that is 4.7 cuft. Cost 139.95 at Costco...

  3. I would find all this moving stuff hectic, but also exciting. As a rule, I have always enjoyed moving to new places. The really down side for me would be the heat. When we bought our Congress place we noticed there was far more paperwork involved than here it Canada. At least it sure seemed that way.

  4. Just think Rod in a little while you will be sitting in your recliner, thinking, "That wasn't so Bad". Until then don't overdue.The house will be there no matter how long it takes to cart furniture in.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Congratulations on finally having the keys!

  6. I hate moving so I'm not envying you at all. Even though I know the end result is going to be so worth it. We're having above 100 weather here also. Just can't get away from it. Strange that they remove the doors of the appliances so they won't be stolen. Is that what you will do when you leave for the summer?

    1. Hopefully we'll have some blinds on the windows by then so folks can't look in and take an inventory......

  7. That's a lot of running around in heat like that. Here's the big question I have and it's really important - is there a Wendy's near your new home?

    1. Not as close as the RV park, but still there are two within three miles...

  8. My husband & I bought our first house in 1970. The closing was a pleasant and not-too-long affair. Now even to rent an apartment you have hundreds of pages of paperwork, most requiring at least your initials. It's ridiculous, and even more so to buy or sell a home.


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