Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The move moves on!

I was up at 6 AM in order to find a little cooler part of the day, but I missed the 88 degree part that was at 4 AM before the sun came up.....  But just the same it was only 91 at 6 with the sun way off in the Eastern distance..  

The recliner chair in the motorhome had to come out, and the eurochair that was in the trailer had to go back into the coach.  The recliner is easy to get out because the back comes off although it is heavy..

But that darned Euro Chair is all one piece with a swivel base.... Loyce and I struggled to get it thru the door.....  Finally we reclined the back and lifted it way over my head from the outside with Loyce inside guiding the back and it went in........

The chair came with the coach, so it has to go thru the door  somehow.....  The factory folks probably have the exact moves down pat...

Anyway the recliner is going over to the new house, and went in the back of the pickup...  We also loaded up a bunch of our clothes and stuff with the intent to stay at the new place tonight.  Loyce did eventually come back to the MH last night, but it was barely under 100 when we went  to bed....  All three AC's grinding away....

Eventually I went over and hooked up the utility trailer and brought it to the new house as well.  It was loaded as well, and it was 102 again today...  Cooler, but still dragon breath.. Eventually I got it unloaded along with putting together some new shelves purchased at Lowes on the way over here on one of the trips....

Pictures..... Loyce won't let me post any, when we are in such a state of disarray...  We have stuff piled everywhere.....

Oh, GE called us this afternoon and said they were out of the model of washer and dryer that we have chosen....  Seems the sale was to sell out the remaining items and they did.....  So would we mind if they substituted the new design model for the same price???  Well, does it operate about the same?  Yes but it has more cycles and better controls....  Well alright, if we have to......

How do we luck into these things....?

And late in the afternoon we went to the storage locker we rented last April to retrieve our stuff that we brought out then......  Remember that dust storm from the other night?  Well, they've had several since last April....  Note to self, rent inside door storage in the future....  Dirt was about a half inch thick on our belongings...

Can you hear the dish washer running?  

We have to move the motorhome from the RV park tomorrow......  But if we left it there, with about a 1000 sites empty and the temperatures running in the mid 100's, I'm not sure anyone would notice, or care............

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Retired Rod


  1. That's a sweet deal with the washer & dryer. I don't know how you deal with those temperatures. It gets hot in the daytime here, but mornings are actually cold by comparison, and the temp stays decent until about 2 in the afternoon. Of course if you are in the sun you warm up sooner.

  2. Um ya. I wouldn't be doing too much outside in that heat. Yikes. It all has to get done I suppose, but I'd be dripping for sure.

  3. Have never experienced those kinds of temperatures & of course have never experienced what they call dry heat down there in the southwest. But hot is hot to me & don't seem to function as well in it as I once did. Of course when you have a job that needs to get down & you are the only one there to do it, you just do what you have to do & get on with it. I think you guys are doing remarkably well considering all the physical exertion required in the heat. Great way to drop a few pounds too I bet. And hey, it's your camera, so just get out there & take a few pictures for us all:))

  4. You two take it easy in that heat down there. I saw first hand what that heat can do to you with Jim at the wedding.

  5. Loyce sounds just like Paulette regarding work in progress, she gives me heck when I post a picture of a mess anywhere. I keep saying people are aware that the junk is temporary and it's going to be cleaned up but it doesn't seem to do any good.

    I was interested to hear how you got the recliner out of your rig as that's a job I have coming up. We're moving 1 recliner out to make room for a sewing table.

    Be careful in that heat down there, it sounds like terrible stuff to to work in.


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