Friday, July 20, 2012

Landscaping begins

We were awakened at 6 AM with all kinds of noise in our back yard....  Digging with power tools and a gas machine of some kind running.......  They're here!!!  Already?  We kind of slept on as best we could, but that really wasn't possible much...

About 7 I went out and made friends with the crew foreman, and hey he spoke English quite nicely....  The others, well, not so much....  About like my Spanish, not so much.....

Digging the irrigation trenches.

Where the trench comes under the wall

Holes where all the plants will go.

Concrete forms for rolling the garbage cans out of the garage back door.

We don't dig by hand, why not use an electric jack hammer?

The machine kept on getting rocks stuck in the digging chain.

Enlarging the back patio out into the yard.

Once they worked all day and then cleaned up we are ready for the concrete tomorrow.

The irrigation is now all in and buried and the pots are where the plants will go when they arrive.

I am told they will take out the plastic pot and drop in the plant from its pot and arrange the irrigation lines for each as they go.

Out in front, they dug up and removed  the old irrigation valves and installed new ones...  Adding that oblong water control valve box over behind the tree..  They had the entire front yard torn apart, as they are putting the trees on one valve circuit and the bushes on a second valve.

This allows different timing to be used for more time on the trees and less on the bushes...  So why didn't the first landscapers do it that way?  Cost.......  The builder will not pay enough for installing more than one irrigation zone, forcing us to come take apart the work and do it correctly at our expense after the builder is gone....

They did rake all the rock back together in the front yard so you can't really tell it was torn up again today...  Just as soon as we get some more rain to wash the dirt back down in the rocks anyway....

Retired Rod


  1. With some of the temps you've been having, I can see why they'd want to start as early as possible.
    I used to see guys working in Puerto Rico in long trousers. I know they say you can "get used to it", but I don't think I could have.

  2. I agree they start early early to try beat the high noon uncles used to farm in overalls and wool long johns they always said it kept them cooler...don't think I could stand it will be lovely when its done Rod...

  3. They really got a lot done in one day. You are so going to love this place. Maybe you won't want to go back to Kansas. It's just as hot there as it is in Mesa.

  4. Looking good, Rod. I'll be looking forward to seeing pics of the new concrete job.


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