Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Depot is up to bat again!

Tomorrow we again are set up to receive another dryer from the folks at GE and their associate store Home Depot..  Loyce is trying to wait very patiently but......

They did call this afternoon, and said they would be here somewhere between 2 PM and 6 PM...  At which time she was overwhelmed that it might be so late in the day...  Declaring that she was going to use the washer all day long and have clothes ready for drying the minute they get here...

They did indicate that they would be bringing another washer to match the newer dryer, but we will hold our breath on that one.....

In Home Depot's defense, they only ordered these machines as drop ship items from the store here in Mesa, and it is completely out of their hands from that point on.  GE is the people that boxed up the defective dryer or didn't box it up adequately to keep it from being damaged as it was shipped from Tennessee where I think we were called from initially..

Problem is that for Home Depot, they will suffer the bad reputation of the vendors mistakes, and the shipping companies lack of care..  Even the moving and delivery company wears bright Orange and Black shirts to match the HD logos....

Perhaps if the machines were purchased from a store that holds inventories on hand, and that store had numerous items in stock, these things would be identified a little earlier than on the lift gate of the truck in my driveway..  But that isn't how just in time marketing works these days....

Tonight on the news channels, they were celebrating the fact that it was only 111 at downtown skyharbor airport today which was a degree cooler than yesterday at 112 and Monday at 113..  Seeing this as a trend of the future weather here in the valley.....

I did see 110 for a brief time this afternoon on our electronic gauge, but most of the day was recorded at 108.  But we were quickly over 100 this morning before 9AM..  It is now 11:30 at night and still 91 outside......  All I know is that for a fellow from KC this is darned hot...  We just hung around inside all day and watched the TV and worked with the computers....  We've kind of run right out of steam on the new house projects.....

Retired Rod


  1. Love the new header picture!! Can't wait to see some of the inside. :)

  2. Your new house looks great...we are waiting for delivery of a new dishwasher from HD, hope our luck is better.

  3. The house is gorgeous. And I'm glad you took a day off (sort of). That heat has got to be getting to you since it's day after day.

  4. Hi Rod. I saw on Rick's blog that you were wondering about further up Vancouver Island. Aileen and I have spent the last five weeks wandering around up there. In fact, we've spent part of the last three summers visiting the north island area. Lots of pictures on my blog, a lot of them ATVing with my brother in law. Aileen and I winter just south of you in Florence, AZ. It's been interesting following your Mesa house construction. John

  5. That's just too darned hot to be doing anything! Sure hope the new dryer arrives on time and is ready for action!

  6. The house looks great. Sure hope your dryer gets there.

  7. Like the rattlesnake textured skin look of the roof tiles


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