Saturday, July 7, 2012

Robertson Screws?? What's That??

My loyal friends from Canada are heading me out to go buy Robertson screws.....  And if I were in Canada, that would be a simple thing to do, but down here,  the hardware man would look at me kinda funny and say What's that?

And yes I do own several Robertson screw drivers, but, other than the RV industry, we just never see such a thing anywhere around the US..  And of course the only reason that I have the screw drivers in the first place is to work on those RV's..  Ya, I know, they never strip out....

Now if Mr Robertson had just licensed Henry Ford to use the screws in the US way back when, we would all be using them today.....  Funny how some things turn out like they do...

Again today, this was another of those great put together and hang it up kind of days....  But I was even less productive, as it was only 4 blinds and 2 ceiling fans..  But the one fan was on a long down pole and hangs in the middle of the living room.  Needed the 8 foot step ladder for that fellow...

And just as I was about to finish the bugger off, suddenly the lights went out!!  Not just the breaker for the fan circuits, but the entire house.....AC and all.  Dead silence!! No lights in the entire place..  Of course you wonder if your wiring you just completed is bad, but that would only blow just its own breaker, not the master....

But a quick check of the outside box proved that our service was still in tact.  The workers next door were using a big contractor genny, and said they lost everything too....  We were out for over an hour and the house did fairly well at not loosing its cool...  But it wouldn't have made it much longer without becoming rather hot...

I finished installing the fan and went without testing it... just assuming it was fine...  After I was done, and sitting on the couch, all of a sudden the lights were back on and the fan began to spin..

Later, after the second fan was installed in the front guest bedroom, I tackled all the rest of those pesky faux wood blinds..  And their phillips head screws..  I thought about going after hex head replacements, but reasoned that I would have the job done before I got back from the hardware store.

I have one more fan to install tomorrow, and I have saved the dusey for last....  Again it is on a long pole, and hangs in the master bedroom from a vaulted ceiling...  I think it is over 11 feet up there, and will be a stretch even on the 8 foot ladder....

I sat here tonight putting all the blades of the fan together and assembling the down rod with its wires and covers..  But its putting on those blades over your head with those testy phillips screws.  Made in China phillips screws.....  I go slow and really don't give a darn when I get done, so perhaps that attitude will carry the day....

We did find a area rug to put on the tile floor this morning over at Home Depot, and it took both of us to get it out to the truck, and into the house....  Its now under the sofa and love seat, and I think Loyce is pleased....

But we still don't have any dining room chairs for the table, and the furniture store can't tell us when they might come in..........    grrrrrrr.....

Retired Rod


  1. Rod. that's the attitude, from the Navy MAX GAF remember that.Looks like your on the downhill side though with all those fans your new place will hold a good 40foot hover.Hope you are enduring the heat like us, it's probably just as hot in KC. Are you bringing your MH back this time, I hope so. Maybe we can finally meet up or you can get out to the Ranch for a few days. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  2. It just sounds like you're doing way too much "work". But like Sam said - the downhill side.

  3. Where's the pics?

  4. I think I should try and get the export rights for Robertson screws. I could partner with you, Rod, we'd make a fortune. How does 75% me and 25% you sound? Fair? I don't think we need to cut JB in on this idea!

  5. Hey, don't you guys try to push me out of this deal, I know where both of you live, all year round. I'm thinking if that Henry Ford hadn't have been such a control freak there would be a lot less frustration in this old world.

  6. Yup, unfortunately Mr. Ford wanted to completely own the Robertson patent. Too bad too, since working on cars would be heaps simpler if it weren't for all those blessed Philips screw head that get all bunged up.
    Oh well.
    Sometimes if you ask for a "Square drive screw" the hardware store might know what you're talking about.
    We only have Philips in Europe for the most part though. Frustrating for a Canuck. And I shipped a couple Robertson screwdrivers! Silly me.
    And hey, cudos to you Rod for at least knowing what the heck a Robertson screw is! Not many south of the 49th do.
    And you were an accountant you say? Hm.

  7. Oh! Rod, I am so glad that you didn't come a cropper up on the top of that ladder. You might have been writing this journal from a hospital bed. Try not to take chances like that.
    I have to keep an assortment of square drive screws here, as they are used on a lot of RVs. We try to keep the repairs we do on RVs original. I didn't know that they were called Robertson until now. Phillips are the norm around here. All the straight slot screws are good for, is putting in the metal recycling!
    Happy Tails to Biscuit, and Happy Trails to you. Penny, TX


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