Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Day

I was on the RV-Dreams chat room, the other night and typed in a comment about how hard it is to write a blog when you didn't go anywhere or do a darn thing all day.

I said "I got up had coffee and blah blah blah. And referred to it as about the most boring thing I could write. Well low and behold Ellie of Just Travelin here on blogspot quoted me on her blog the next day, and kind of inferred that I might have been referring to her blog.

Oh boy the folks came out of the wood work to support her left and right. Well I meant that my blog gets boring when I have coffee and blah blah blah. So I left a comment to that effect on her blog. Man I hope that didn't get me in too much trouble. Me an my big mouth.

But today was another one of those days when I never started the truck and my eyes are going bonkers from reading the computer all day. We had our three year old grand daughter here from about noon on, and we played the afternoon away with her.

My wife has a plastic kitchen set that she acquired second hand somewhere, and we ate imaginary food all afternoon. After having supper for real and coaxing her to eat the rest of her baked potato, and ice cream as a prize, it was up to a bath.

Then we watched Disney's Cinderella. Man even I was bushed after all that. She is upstairs asleep, as I write this.

It snowed here this morning but got warm enough in the afternoon to melt the whole mess. We are back down to 33 here at midnight. Will it ever warm up? The house is warm and the heat pump is running, and running. The gas will kick in here after we get below 30 degrees.

So another slow day in KC but then isn't that why I retired?

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