Saturday, March 29, 2008

More working!

It seems that I have been working at Chris' car lot more this week, than I have in the past. And today was no exception. He likes to get oil changes and tire rotations on the cars before they are offered for sale. Seems that they drive more smoothly with some balancing and fresh oil.

So you know who was sitting and waiting for these jobs to be completed. Not too exciting, more just time consuming. But if I get some of these mindless tasks off the table, he can concentrate more on marketing and networking. What are fathers for anyway?

So before I knew what happened it was 5 PM. The new arrival cars are ready to be sold, and I'm out of here.

This is the fourth Friday of the month and its Ham Club night. I burned home and ate a couple hot dogs to tide me over, and its off to the Church for the meeting.

We had the general business meeting, and then they showed a video, of the MFJ factory. MFJ makes a wide assortment of Amateur Radio accessories, and have bought the rights to many of the products that are popular, but not necessarily profitable. As a combined company, they have kept many items available, that would otherwise have ceased to exist.

Over the years, a number of folks have teased, MFJ stood for Mighty Fine Junk. Actually it is the initials of the man that owns the company.

After the meeting, most of the folks went to the local Godfathers Pizza, where we watched Kansas in the NCAA tournament. And now they are part of the elite eight. But the conversation was largely electronic in nature and lasted until 10:30. That is when the restaurant begins to encourage us to leave.

We'll do it all over again on the second Friday in April. They are a good group.

Its way past my bed time, so until tomorrow. Another big day of retirement!

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