Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Day Began Early

Some times you wake up in the middle of the night and your internal clock is messed up. This morning it was at 4:30. It wasn't light out and everyone else was asleep. But me!

Often times when that happens, I go back to sleep at about 6:30. When I was working, that was about the time the alarm would sound to get ready for work.

And then you wouldn't worth a darn all day. But thats not a problem any more, because it doesn't matter if I am worth anything to anyone, except to myself.

As I look back on yesterday, I was terribly chilled last night after dinner. Just couldn't get warm. Then I felt like bunk all night. So now tonight the wife claims its cold in here, and she is dreary looking and has the headache. We got a 24 hour bug going around this house!

Perhaps one of the kids had something from Sunday. One will never know. So I slept in the chair through out the morning. I read the computer for a while and the next thing I would know, I would wake up and an hour was gone. Same thing happened at about 4:30 in the afternoon, the next thing I know its 6:30.

I did manage to go and buy some more groceries at the local Wal-Mart at about 3 in the afternoon. We have been making the Taco Soup recipe from the RV-Dreams web site. Linda Payne again, and her RV recipes. The wife set out the cast iron soup pot and said more Taco Soup.

So that was the object of the Wal-Mart Run. Funny how $50 jumps into your basket when you went over for a coupla cans of beans.

We have been trying to get one of the sprinkler companies to come over and bid a water sprinkler system for our yard. For the last three weeks, it seems they will not return your call. This morning I forced the issue, so then the guy was to be here at 4 PM. He called at about 3:45 and said he wasn't coming. Now it's re scheduled for 10 AM tomorrow.

People really do not want your business. I wonder if they are so stretched that they can not take care of the existing customers. If I am stood up tomorrow morning, I will not pursue this outfit any further.

So thats living life as it comes, here in Overland Park. Funny, its midnight, and I'm not really very sleepy.............

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