Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Sprinkler Man

We he was lost when he called at 10:30, but at least he was on his way. I live at South 135th and he was looking at 87th. Only 50 blocks to the North. But as I said, he was on his way.

It was cold outside when he came, with the wind blowing from the North. Man if it will ever just warm up some. This global warming thing is not finding its way to the Kansas City area. But then Eastern Missouri has had so much rain, as to flood the whole area, so I will not complain too loudly.

At the Lake we live on a steep hill side. It is fifty feet from the main floor to the waters edge. It would take 40 feet of water in the lake to get anywhere near our house. So the rain and flooding will not cause us any trouble.

The lake has big spillway gates, that they open with a crane system. I have been going to the lake for 25 years, and have maybe seen these gates open four or five times. It is a real emergency when the flood gates are open. The water cascades out of the lake like Niagara Falls.

There are several towns below the dam between the lake and the Missouri River. They have to watch how much water they send out at once, or else these towns will be flooded. The dam is not a Federal dam, but rather belongs to the local electric utility. They are liable for damages if they cause them. So the flood gates stay closed.

We do need to go back to the Lake, but would rather it would be a warmer group of days. Start the pontoon boat and have some fun driving around. Gas will be $4 a gallon on the water. But someone will have to burn it, Right?

But I digress! The sprinkler man left all kinds of little flags around the yard, where he wants to put sprinkler heads. White ones, Yellow ones, Orange ones, and so forth. Each color represents a different type of head. Said he will email me the bid. I'll bet that takes a week, knowing how long it took him to get here. But then we really do not need to water in the cold anyway.

My son called and has two cars to pick up at the auction this afternoon. So the Mexican lunch is on him. He will need to have Loyce drive us both up to the auction, and drop us off. So it will cost him two lunches. We had buritos with rice and beans. And the obligatory chips and salsa. I was stuffed.

We got back here about 6:30 and the day was gone. Isn't it amazing how fast you can spend a day, when you are retired?

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