Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Family Day

Why yes we went to the Big Birthday Bash! For the three year old grand daughter. At her house. She had all the relatives on both sides of her family. And she selected her favorite meal to serve.

TACOS! And she really likes them. At three, I doubt I even knew what a taco was but then times are different now. And the world is a much smaller place. When I was ten I got to go to South Dakota, and I thought I was a million miles from home. She has been all over the country at age three.

But the big attraction after the gift opening, was the Jayhawk basketball game. Davidson led for much of the time and could have won if the three point shot had gone at the buzzer. I think the entire Eastern half of Kansas exhaled at exactly the same moment, as the buzzer sounded.

As I am not from Kansas but merely a recent transplant, my loyalties are more superficial. But to the relatives on my daughter in laws side of the family, this is life and death stuff. And man they were scared. Remember that it was this game last year that ended their tournament hopes. And continued coach Self's label, as the best coach that has never been to a final four.

Well he's there now. And he has NC to look forward to. And Roy Williams, the old coach from KU. So that is a mountain, that quite frankly seems insurmountable. At least to this outsider anyway.

Some of the family are die hard Missouri fans and could care less about KU. And they did get their digs in during the game. Cheering for Davidson and other ill spirited things. Fun was in the eyes of the beholder. But the grand daughter was busy playing with her new stuff, and didn't really care what all the fuss was about.

It rained here late in the afternoon and was very cold. Will spring ever come? Maybe we have to get this basketball thing over first.

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