Thursday, March 13, 2008

Around Town

Seems like its go go go, but where have I been? Well nowhere in particular. Over to Wal-Mart and pick up tax software and some microfibre cloths. Oh and an ottoman for the RV. Impulse buy.

But it matches the chairs in the rig perfectly. It is dark green and is oval with the removable lid to store more junk in. They had several colors, but this one is the ticket to match our unit. It is kind of cheap, but will not be too big, and lays in the seat when the slider is in. We have swivel rockers but they do not recline, so this is just fine.

It was not as warm here today as mid 60's in overcast was all we could muster. Could not convince myself to go get the trailer and start washing, as it threatened rain all afternoon. I did start working on the gas power washer this afternoon, and made some headway.

I got the blockage out of the nozzel with a dremmel drill bit. A real tiny bit. It was clogged with a rubber fibre that was hard and wouldn't push out. I got a hat pin style needle from Loyce, but couldn't push it thru. I changed the crankcase oil and drained the old gas. But when I started the engine it ran over gas out of the carb. It ran really rich and smoked and faultered. So I have needle valve problems on the float in the carb.

I will continue on this project another day. It about kills me to keep pulling and pulling the rope start. Makes the old heart pound and I have to stop for a while. I told Loyce I could just roll the thing out to the curb for garbage. But the new replacement would only have half as good an engine on it as this Briggs Industrial 5 Hp. So I will do what it takes to fix this one.

I loaded the tax software on the laptop, but then lost interest. But I did go get the printer cartridge traded at cartridge world. The printer knows that it is a refill cartridge, somehow, and refuses to say that the ink is full. Every time you print it stops and gives trouble about the non Lexmark refill. That will get old. Its a conspiracy to make you buy genuine! I generally do not like companies that do that.

So we started a lot of projects today, but didn't finish a one. If I was paying for this kind of help, I would let them go. Kind of hard to fire yourself though, isn't it.

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