Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Family Night

I worked part of the day at the car warehouse that my oldest son runs in Belton, Mo.

That is until the dear wife called all frantic because it was 4:30 and she had invited everyone to our house for Spaghetti Amour from the RV-Dreams website. Trouble is she doesn't know how to make this dish. She also doesn't read the RV-Dreams website or have it in a favorites list. (See Linda's recipes in the tabs on the left)

So I was late for the party, and oh, by the way you are the cook! Right after you go to Wal-Mart and buy the stuff. And by the way, the one year old is hungry right now. Gee, I wasn't even in the same State that she was. But I was only about 15 miles away.

The results of the baked spaghetti was good, and we had both sons, one daughter-in-law, and some of the grand kids. Our other daughter-in-law is in Des Moines, with the two older gkids, so they missed out.

I followed Linda Payne's recipe, except...... I use Italian sausage, instead of hamburger, and I add half a jar of sauce to the liquid and meat mixture. Cooked it for the full hour, and it had more liquid when served. Everyone liked it until the after effects started. Must be the fresh onion, garlic, and green peppers. I'll spare you from further discussion.

I leave for Des Moines, early in the morning as I want to be there for lunch at Francie's. A cheers bar on the South side near the airport. This will be a whirl wind trip, going to the radio auction Tuesday night and returning Wednesday morning. I really will not see many folks there except for those at the event. The weather will be questionable on Wednesday morning, and the son needs me to be back in the afternoon, if he buys a car or two from the auction.

With that said, I will post this now and hit the sack. Big day tomorrow.

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