Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not Yet

If you were trying to sell a sprinkler system to a new customer, wouldn't you go right back to your office and crank out a bid for the job?

Or would you let the fellow wonder where you went, and if you had his best interests in mind. We have not heard anything from the sprinkler system man today. Loyce said "its only been a day give him some time."

But if I wanted a job, I know nothing would come between me and the intended customer, until I landed the work. But then that is my A type personality. This fellow is more of a C type guy. Que sera sera. If I do his work fine, If I don't do his work fine.

I didn't anticipate any action from the sprinkler guy today, so I went about my business. I went to son Chris' car dealership and helped him work on the broken stuff on the latest cars. We spent the day poking and prodding the broken and unacceptable.

The trick for the folks that take cars to the auto auction, is to hide the stuff they do not want you to figure out, before the auction. Mostly, let you figure out whats wrong after the car is yours. Like roll up the mats that are stained and put them in the back of the van. You find out, that you have to get new ones, after you get it home.

So the first thing you need to do is try all the stuff on the car to see if it works. And tires is a big issue. They never have tires that are any good. Seems that cars only get traded in after the tires are bald.

So we went to the discount tire dealer, over on the Missouri side. And I do mean discount. This place was back in the back, behind the junk car yard. Down a dead end street. You know it is questionable, when the address is 217 1/2. That has to be the house, behind the house, or something.

Its a big fenced lot with used tires piled high around the inside of the fence. There were three metal lawn buildings and three metal roofed carports with hoists under them. The guys with the tire machines were in the lawn buildings. New tires were in three semi trailers that had no running gear and set directly on the ground.

There was a wooden building about 10 X 14 that was the office. Had two park benches and a pop machine inside. And a counter with a desk behind it. I saw places like this just this winter, in Mexico!

Oh, but he had a security system of cameras from almost every corner. They were set up in the tin lawn buildings and above the trailer doors for the new tires. Rick could see the entire empire, from the chair in his office. Folks in his tire business are watched at all times. The only other shed on the premises was a plastic kybo up by the front gate. And no I didn't look in it.

Life is full of experiences, and this was a new one for me. I wish, I would have thought to take the camera. But it was only about 15 minutes and bam, the tires were mounted and balanced. At only 80 bucks each, all inclusive. Looks like we have a new tire dealer. I never did figure out what the brand was, but Chris said they were the second line under Michelin.

To say the least, this was the experience of the day. I would bet there are dogs in the fence at night, but that is only a speculation.

So now, I wonder how I will top that tidbit of fun for tomorrow?

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