Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back in KC

We came home Tuesday afternoon. The storm passed by during the morning and we left as soon as the sun reappeared. The Lake is a great place, and one that I can spend hours, just doing nothing. But in the winter it is more isolated and cold.

Now I know that many folks will go out into BLM ground and live for days without contact of any kind. At least with their fellow man. Even seeing another camper in the distance, kills the experience for these folks. I have never learned how to be one of these people.

So we are in a man made environment at the lake. Almost all of the shoreline is occupied by an owner, with a home or business. In the winter, for the most part, they are not there. The solitude is still present. No one will bother you for hours on end. Maybe the mailman once a day, or the garbage truck on Wednesday.

There are folks that live there full time, but they are one house in ten. So you may have to go 6 doors down, to find someone. And then they will be at work. I can take this for about 3 or 4 days and then I return to more active civilization. The wife doesn't last that long.

It did stay cold here for the rest of the week. It was in the 20's this morning and is in the mid 30s here by mid day. The sun is out and it seems to be a beautiful day outside. But I like usual have my head stuck in this infernal computer.

If I'm not reading a blog that I follow, then I need to update this blog. Everyone I know is on the computer in one form or another. We seem to not be able to escape. Oh, I haven't read "so in so's" blog yet today.

I continue to study the Ubuntu Linux operating system. It is a very good alternative to the Microsoft windows environment. Oh and I see that Warren Buffet has now passed Bill Gates as the worlds richest man. He has 4 Billion more than Gates at 62 Bil. Linux is free.

Last night I ended up in the Chat Room. This was a good time as there were twelve people in the room, at its height. We had three or more conversations going at once, as people read the lines that are of interest to them, and pass over the other stuff. It was a multi task chat, that was interesting.

I did run my son up to the auto auction, where he had purchased another car. He has a dealers license. We went to the Northeast side of KC MO north of Worlds of Fun. It was about a 40 mile trip, entirely within the KC metro. At 5 PM rush hour. A treat that no one would pass up. Just for fun of course.

And I am still battling the cold that the barbers conveniently passed on to me last Tuesday. It just will not go away.

So its slow at the old household today, hope yours is moving along at a faster pace. Ah retirement!

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