Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radio Auction in Des Moines

Our trip to Des Moines had to start at 7:15 AM and due to the time change it is just getting light. And the fog and rain didn't help much either. The row of cars on the right are in line to get off in the Overland Park Business district.

Not so bad once we get all those folks to work! Still the on coming lane is solid cars.

We arrive in Des Moines. Francies is a cheers type bar on Fluer drive near the Air Port.

Lowell is ready to get this auction going, even though it won't start for six more hours.

Here comes Bob."The Commander" Our senior most member.

Once out at the Auction, in the Sheldahl Park shelter house, Mike says hey this spaghetti isn't half bad.

Tom, the auctioneer (with the bib and the big smile) and his wife. Also Allen our public address system operator. The system he brings is awsome, for both music and voice.

Ed says I need to take your picture, so I can remember how bad you really look.

The guys at the teller's table. They are using a computer to keep straight who owes how much to whom,

Tom in the row ahead of me politely asks us, "Would you guys just shut up, so we can get this started?"

One dollar, one dollar, do I hear Two. Now Two dollars in the back row.

Aw come on guys, you can go higher than that. Bust loose and pay what this is worth!

And so the auction went for about three hours of slightly used junk! Nothing too pricey, mostly just changing old toys from my house to yours. Electronic toys that is, with some other worthless items thrown in. Like a leather sheathed machetti. Now what in the world would you need with that? I think it brought $16.

This is an annual event, that many radio clubs have each year. It is as much fellowship and comradery, as it is serious purchasing opportunity.

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