Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Day with Two Grandkids

We woke to snow this morning. It was forecast and didn't disappoint. We only had about an inch or so and the ground melted the roads as it came down. The grass was all white and covered the nasty brown dead stuff from winter.

When the snow stopped it got cold. Its after 11PM as I write this and the blog button says 17 degrees. Man that is hard on us winter Texans. We had it so nice this past winter, that I hate to gripe now. But I jumped to get back into the house from the car, when we came home tonight.

We had the 4 year old and the one year old grand daughters most of the day. The 4 year old is still here, upstairs asleep. She likes to stay with Grandma overnight. We have seen three kids movies during the day and went to McDonalds playland after dinner.

I couldn't do Mickey D's for a Friday night meal, so we went to Red Robbin. She got a balloon and the nice lady exchanged her chicken meal for mac and cheese, when she refused to eat the former. I should have known not to order the chicken in the first place. The cost of the food for a kids meal is nothing anyway, so I didn't worry. They only charged for one kids meal, but they get $4.29. A lot of places only charge 2 to 3 bucks for kiddie plates.

We got some ice cream at Mickey D's and played on the playland toys, on the way home. Then watched the third movie. She had a good nap and was still going strong, but grandma pooped out.

She will be up at the stroke of dawn, so I need to get to bed and not be such a night owl. Another day in the retired life.

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