Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Hangin Around

Yesterday started as a computer day. One where I catch up on all the blogs and favorite sites that I follow. It is amazing how that can spend your otherwise valuable time.

When I received the mail, the passwords for the new bill paying service I set up with the bank arrived. So I had to see if I could get that going. First you have to add all your vendors. Thats the folks that you owe the money to, in layman's terms. It is really an accounts payable package like we used at the corporate office, only its tied to MY bank account.

They can't explain much about it, to you at the financial institution. They never know what any pin number is, since they could then pay their own bills with your account funds. So you are pretty much on your own to get it set up.

I paid three trial amounts, to folks that I had plenty of time to send a paper check to. We will watch to see how long it takes, and make judgement later. If it works well it will be a godsend for traveling on the road.

When we are out for an extended period of time, especially over a month end, it is hard to know how much to pay. I can have one of my son's intercept the bills as they come in and just tell me how much to pay. Or if we are stationery, they can forward the bills to us at a park. But if possible it is best to get the bills on line. Or emailed to us.

The gas company has been emailing the bills to us and they can be saved in a PDF file format. That makes using the online disbursement system a snap. If you study the bill long enough, there is usually a web site where you can check in, to get your balance.

Now lets see, what password did I use with these people?

I soon became bored with the bill payment system and instant messaged my son to go to the Mexican restaurant. It is South of his car dealership about four blocks. It is in an old Pizza Hut building that isn't Red anymore. I said I would pay! "And your not here yet?" the message came back. Gota love our connected world.

I had Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, or Shrimp in Garlic Sauce. This is what I was ordering in Progresso Nueveo. And it was just as good as it was in Mexico. With hot tortillas in the foil wrapper. Wow! Loyce passed on the lunch, her loss. I'll bet she will go next time.

She really doesn't look forward to going to the car garage for some reason. Imagine that. So after lunch, we headed out with two cars to get inspected for a Missouri sticker.

Yes Missouri has the old inspection law, that you can't get a new tag without a new sticker. It costs $12 and the price is set by the state. None of the garages want to mess with it, so you have to plead to get it done. And we had two cars!

Finally the third garage took us in. It's a racket, as they check the lights and horn, look at the wipers, exhaust, brakes, and tires. And bang there's your sticker.

We are preparing for a big get together here tomorrow for Easter. Loyce is cooking and cleaning, so I think it is time to go hide in the basement. Maybe do some guy things. That would be using the desktop computer down there and staying out of sight.

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