Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Recommendation

I do not usually suggest that readers go to another site, as it was hard enough to get you to come to this site.

But today, I am compelled to suggest that you check out Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet.

Gordon and Juanita stopped by the Grand Canyon yesterday. His pictures are to die for.

These folks are from California and are headed North and West. To Alaska! I am following with great anticipation.

Gordon has a new Nikon camera (drool) and several long lenses. Go check out his pictures and story.

We are stuck in the day by day grind of the retired city dweller. Loyce likes this just fine, as she is working on another quilt for one of the grand kids. For me, I have the travel itch. I always want to go some where. Any where!

I spent years as an auditor, and traveled from town to town in Iowa. Each week held a new adventure, as we went on yet another financial audit. So confinement to a stick house in Kansas City is hard for me.

We made it up to 64 degrees here yesterday. That is the first time I was able to wear my sandals and a T shirt. Hope to break over into shorts soon. Perhaps that will help my hitch itch syndrome. Get the pontoon boat out and started. Turn some four dollar gas into smoke over the lake.

In the mean time, our personal taxes need to be started. A task that I always dread. When I did your taxes, I was removed from the process. I didn't have to feel the pain of writing the check at the end. But not so with our own. So there is the built in dread of the job.

The hard part of doing other folks returns was telling them how bad it was. The look on their faces as they found out they owed more than they had saved back. And the politicians are going to repeal the tax cuts, and raise our taxes back like they were before. I'm glad I only do one tax return now, each year. My own!

Now go look at Gordon's pictures!

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